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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Education is a crucial part in the success of a nation’s growth and development. I would advise myself how big of a role education plays in society. I didn’t take high school as serious as I wish I would have. Obtaining a position in the career field you choose and financial security are two of the many rewards education guarantees. Character development, the ability to form opinions and the ability to know right from wrong are all variables as to why education is necessary for a civilized nation. Education teaches us to question and to find answers to those questions. I didn't quite understand this concept as a senior and even as a high school graduate. Time passed and I began to strive for more than what I had. I wanted to be able to go to work at a job that I enjoyed, yet was financially secure enough to provide for myself comfortably. I began to strive for a better life and with that came the comprehension of why education was so important. In order to surpass where I was in life, I needed an education in order for me to get there.