Minnesota School of Business-Richfield Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would stress the importance of grades and accedemic activites. I would advice my high school self to not spend every waking moment texting or hanging out with a boyfriend. I would want to try and prepare better for college. If I would have told my senior self to apply to universities before applying to community colleges and to research the college before attending. If I could also tell other high school seniors any bit of advice, I would tell them to work hard and enjoy the last year of high school. After being in college for 3 years, I miss the simplistic life of high school.


I would tell myself that attending class is the most important thing to doing well in school. I would tell myself that college requires a much higher level of studying, being organized, and the ability to stay on top of things. Once you fall behind in college, it's almost impossible to catch up.


Going back in time and talking to my old self I would tell the old me to go into college confident and with a positive attitude about each class. Tell yourself that you can pass all of your classes with As and that you are smart and valuable in the nursing profession. If there is anything that you don't know or get stuck on always utilize the help of tutors and your college professsors and ask for help. Closed mouths never do get fed and its never good to fall behind in college when your struggling and not ask for help. Get plenty of sleep and exercise and try not to allow negative outside influences from interfere with you reaching your goal of becoming a nurse. Getting a degree and going to school is hard and never easy but as long as you stay focused and make small sacrifices Paula your overall outcome will be larger than you could possibly imagine. You are valuable in the nursing industry and you possess strong core values that will make you an excellent nurse! Never give up on your dream no matter how long it takes!!!


If I were able to go back in time to speak to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself a world of advice. I would explain to myself that college is a wonderful experience, and to give my all to receiving my degree. I would explain that though it may be difficult, work hard at both school and a job as a Nursing Assistant, whether part-time or full-time, to gain experience in the field of Nursing. Most importantly, I would explain the importance of the sacrafices that I must make in order to be successful in school. Nursing School is one of the greatest challenges that I have faced in my 22 years of life, and I would explain that working hard to earn and maintain a 4.0 grade point average will take sacrafices of time, energy, and relationships, but with the proper balance, great things will come. I would tell myself never to give up, no matter the challenge, because my future depends on this. Nursing is my passion and the sacrafices will be worth it in the end.


Lajeana you need to study hard and not play around so much. Your not going to like what your doing for work in ten years. Procasation is not the road to education. I will study hard, i will not answer my dorm room door when someone wants to go do something, and i will not spend all my time on the internet.


If I could go back in time I would start by telling myself not to wait so long to go to college. I do not mind being an adult learner, but things would have been easier and less expensive if I had gone to college then. I would also want to tell myself that knowing what field I wanted to pursue was a big thing to consider. I would definitely push myself towards the Accounting field that I am currently pursuing. I would also tell myself to not let history repeat itself and to take my chance at bettering myself while I had it and I was still young. Then I would point out that college was not about partying, grades and studying are very important and to commit myself to school.


Dave, I know the joining the Military is very important to you. As soon as you graduate your Basic and AIT courses, enroll in college. I know you've been thinking about it but really try to think harder in what you would like to go to school for. I know you change your mind often but sit down with Mom and choose something you know you will enjoy doing and something that will in turn, help others. You will have your drill weekends while in the Army Reserves so use the military benefits afforded to you and go to school so your not sitting there going brain dead from lack of some sort of educational stimulation. Don't wait around like I did. You can thank me later when you reach my age when you see how great your life and family is. I know that's what you want for your future. Get started now while you have a lot of time on your hands cause when your olders, time is precious and you won't have much of it to attend school. Again..... You'll thank me later!! Dave


That i should not procrastinate because it will cause me a lot of hardship later on in life, as well as cost me a lot of money and time that i would never be able to get it back. And that just by putting in the hardwork and maintaince it would yield the resutls that i yearn for. As a result would allow for nothing to stand in my way of getting the career that i long for.


I have learned that college is no place to fool around. I felt a sense of freedom when i entered freshmen year of college, and i also had a lot of free time. That free time however was not "free" and it was meant to be used as study time in between breaks or classes. I had to develop my own time management skills without the help of friends, parents, or teachers. I learned a valuable lesson that i took for granted as i almost did not pass a class beacuse of my poor study time management skills in one class. I reccommend that you do not cram before a big exam or test and instead study an hour or two everyday to remember the information needed for long term. You can never have enough time to study for tests. Find creative and logical practical ways to study to make it more fun and. interesting Time management is a big factor i consider now that i have developed them and will continue to develop them in my sophmore year of college and so forth.


I have absolutely loved my college experience with online learning. I lost my job due to the economy so I decided to return to school. Partly to pursue my dream of being a paralegal and partly to show my kids that it is never too late. Losing my job was the perfect nudge I needed to take my life in the direction I wanted it to go. Online learning has given me the opportunity to be home when my son gets home from school which has allowed me to be there for him. Being home each night for dinner with him has been very rewarding to me as he isn't left alone to fend for himself. Once I graduate and become a paralegal, I look forward to volunteering at a local Legal Aid office to help give back. I have learned through my college experience the importance of service learning and that it starts with each and every one of us. I would be happy and honored to be able to give back to others and to share my skills with them.


I have learned to appreciate my education. When attending public schools (elementary through high school), I wasn't mature enough to appreciate what I was learning or experiencing. It may be that I am now paying for my education, but I think that it has more to do with the fact that I know this will better my life and career in the long run.


i would tell myself to save as much money as i can because its hard to go to college full time and work at the same time.


I made the decision to go back to school when I was almost 40 years old. Back then, I tried to go right after high school. I wasn't ready and what's more, I knew I wasn't ready. If I could give advice to myself back then-it would probably be to not worry so much, take more chances...and never do something because it was right for somebody else.