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My major is nursing and it requires a geography class. I don't think many schools care about geography anymore, but I still think it is very important for young adults to be knowledgable about different regions in the world and how all them affects us in the US. Another major reason why I choose MNSU was for the fact that they answered all my questions and even went further to help me figure out all the steps to starting my academic year. The MNSU Hub is a great resource for students.


The unique thing about my school is that it is a small community. I know alot of schools say that but my school feels like one.


I like where I go to school because the campus is very diverse. The student population is represented by a wide variey of races and ethnicities. I believe the facutly at Minnesota State Univeristy are a lot more helpful than they are at other universities I have visited. The professors want to see their students succeed and will go out of their way to help their students.


When thinking of my school, I immediately think of diversity. Minnesota State University is extremely diverse in many areas. Race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation are all categories which MNSU has a wide variety of students. No individual/group would feel left out at this school.


This school is a larger school population wise but it is a very small campus. All the buildings are very close together. Another thing that is unique about this school is that there is ALWAYS activities going on on campus. One other thing that i liked about this campus was that there is a bowling alley in the student union and about a dozen pool tables. Both the bowling and pool don't cost very much.


I chose to attend MSU-Mankato because of the warm feeling a felt from the city; it reminded me of home and was a very welcoming place. The city has many things to do, where if someone is bored, it is their own fault. I also enjoyed the short walk to my classes because I do not like the cold weather and many of the buildings are connected together where you can go from class to class without going outside.


I was impressed by the Professors of the art department.


There is nothing unique about other schools that I considered, my dream school is in San Diego.


It has a lot of people that I know from when I was younger so it was easy for me to feel comfortable there.


Minnesota State University in Mankato is unique because of the large diversity on campus. Students from all backgrounds and ethnicities are equally excepted and actually valued. You never feel left out at this campus because there are hundreds of clubs and groups, including swing dancing to the gay/lesbian/bi/transgender center.