Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


At the time there weren't any online courses and I was commuting almost an hour each way, so that would've been helpful.


The worst thing about Mankato is I don't think there is enough radicalism on campus, but part of that might be because I am not highly engaged in those communities. I have spent some time in the sociologist circles, and I just remember feeling so frustrated at how difficult it is to get other students to care about these prevalent and overwhelmingly important issues. That is the trade off for Mankato students being so busy and engaged in what they are doing-they often don't have time to be "sidetracked" by other important things you are doing.


For those who are reading this, the food offered in the cafeteria can sometimes be undesirable because the lack of variety. However, Minnesota State University-Mankato provides opportunities for critiquing which students are able to address their personal issues about certain types of food being severed or the conditions that the food are in. Every other week, MSU-Mankato’s food marketer asks students their opinions on the food being served and how they can improve in order to meet and accommodate students’ needs/desires. In following, the cafeteria’s food became less repetitive and more enjoyable for us students.


The worst thing about Minnesota State University is that it is hard to find professors that care about where their students are going. Often times, I walk into a lecture hall and even a classroom where the professor will speak for an hour or two and leave immediatly after the lecture. He/she is not interested inhow the students are coping in their class or how they can personally help students.


Communication among staff members. Whenever you needed something done ore help with something such as a billing error, or changing the address on your profile, it was difficult to find the right person. When I called, I was transfered all over the place, sometimes back to teh original person. When I came in person, I was again sent walking all over campus.


I would consider the worse thing about my school to be the fact that a lot of the students ideas of a good time is getting smashed after class. As someone who has never drank in her life, I find it hard to relate to them.




Most the parking lots are very far away from the school and since it is located in Minnesota it is a very cold walk and can be very difficult to walk through the snow and slushy sidewalks. Now of course you can get a closer parking lot but in the economic times it is very hard to afford a parking pass along with all the other costs of everyday living.


The worst thing about this school I guess would have to be that there is a lot of drinking off campus sometimes. The campus is a dry campus but it doesn't stop a lot of people from drinking. I get that drinking is a good time and you can meet many people going out. Around here though it seems a little excessive though sometimes. Over the last few years I have attended this college there have been at least three people that have died in drinking related accidents.


Having to walk to class in snow and below zero temperatures.


The worst thing I would consider at Minnesota State University, Mankato would be the lack of diversity because diversity has played a big role in my life, I have friends of different ethnicities and even my family comes from different background. It is important to know and welcome people that does not look the same as one and endure eachother by excepting differences in physical features and spiritually. I feel as if it was more diversity on campus people will be appreciated more and more prepared for what the future holds.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of commitment it seems like many of the undergradutes come here with. The students don't set the bar high enough for themselves so it makes the university as a whole look as though it is dropping the ball when in fact it is the students themselves doing the damage.


I think the weather is one of the downsides of any school in Minnesota, and even that has not been too freezing lately. I recommend living in the newer dorms on campus, since the old "Gage Complex" is a walk away from the academic buildings and the stairs can be annoying if you live on any floor above the sixth. That said, we also have a close community here in Gage, so it's not all negative.


The worst thing about my school is the students who are not involved in activities, who don't participate in class discussions or ostricise people who do participate.


hard to get into some classes, some classes are only available certain semesters


not enough to do around town


Low diversity


the parking because it is so far away and the parking pass are expensive


Some degrees are difficult to get into


The worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. It is just as likely to find a USC or North Dakota State shirt as a Minnesota State Mankato shirt on campus.


The worst thing about the school is we have to buy the books instead of renting them.


The way that student fees are used on campus.