Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is easy going and likes to be social should attend this school.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who wants to learn beyond the classroom; someone who is dedicated to getting involved in their major through the school and the community. MSU has a very strong student body that has a lot confidence in the faculty, staff, and students to help each other achieve the most they can at this university. From the diverse majors, clubs and athletic opportunities, to the unique facilities and community involvement, there is something for anyone and everyone at Minnesota State University- Mankato.


One that is pretty hard working, that likes to party, is big into finding a career afterwards, and is sociable.


someone who is out going and likes to be involved in many different activities. also someone who want a smaller campus but that is still alot of fun.


A person who does not really know who they are will enjoy themselves at Minnesota State University, Mankato mostly becasue there are some many different types of people and activities on campus that in the end, who you thought you were and who you turn out to be may not be what you expected. People of all shapes and sizes will find their place and enjoy themselves while learning in an academically challenging enviornment.


Minnesota State University, Mankato is a college for anyone who wants to further their education. It does not matter of age, race, or gender but something I would consider is the size of the school. Mankato is a pretty big size school and if you are not open to being around different people than a different choice of campus is in your best interest. If a future student is looking to be involved, meet new people, and wants to explore their opportunities than Mankato is a good choice.


The person who is strongly motivated to take charge of their own life. It should be someone who knows or at least has a good idea of what they love to do and just goes and gets things done.


I think anyone should go to this school!


Srudents who are determined and knowing what they want to do for their future as a career


The kind of people who should attend this school are people who are very secure with themselves and are confident in their future and what they want to do.


Someone that doesn't want to live in a big city or small town and wants a diverse selection of students, programs, and interests.


someone seeking indiviuality, a smaller campus but with big opportunity and plenty of people to meet and places to go. Also someone that likes to go out and cheer on our sports.


Anyone who wants to have fun and meet all kinds of people!


a motivated person.


The person that should attend MSU is someone who is dedicated to their work and likes to have a good time. Thier are plenty of things to do in the town and around campus to keep a person occupied. MSU offers a variety of programs so we have a wide variety of students on campus daily. You will meet a new person everyday and possisbly keep in touch for the rest of your life.


I believe anyone would be right to attend this college. It is really good for the money put into education.