Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The best advice i could give to students and parents is to actually go out to the campus and get a tour before making your decision. Campus tours are free and you can learn a lot about the campus and its students by walking around campus for a day. Not one colelge will be completly perfect and there are plenty of colleges around that will give the student their proper education. Also, if the student has an idea of what thier major is going to be they should definetly talk to a professor or advisor in that content area. A lot of students only talk to their advisor while starting their progam (usually year three). But if you talk to the advisors early you can possibly cut the number of classes you will take and graduate sooner. As for getting the most out of your college experience, i believe students should spend more time on campus. A lot of younger students go home every weekend and fail to experiecne life on their own until they live off campus. If you think you might regret somthing 3 years from now , chances are you probably will. so think about the future!


Go where you want to go, not where others want you to.


get involved with some organization and trust your advisors they might save you in the future


Look for a school that not only has the nicest rooms/ campus but other things like class size and accredited programs. Talk to friends or family to get the behind the scenes view on campus life.


The advice I would give students and parents on picking out the right college to is to look at your options such as what feels comfortable for you such as being safe living on campus or off campus of the college of your choice and where you think you can succeed academically in your classes. You can also look in other alternatives where you can have a social life such as having things to do to fun besides doing school work full time. These activites could include going to fitness center to work out, bowling alley where you can go bowling with friends, going your college athletic events with friends, join any club the university offers. doing work study in your choice of major of study, join extra extracurricular activities the college offers where you can meet with new friends from different town and nationalities and finally when I made my decison on what college that suit my needs I look where I would succeed academically in my major but athletically as well and where I can have a good time with friends out of college when not having class and Make sure you make college years fun and worthwile.


Go to a college where you can leave with a degree that you will like, don't go do one just for a scholarship.


The best decision I made was to go Greek. I have been more involved on campus than I could have ever dreamed of being. We have friendly competitions with other fraternities/sororities, give back to the community, and still have fun. Greek life isn't all "animal house." Greek life is like having a second family. If I were to be stranded on the highway, I could call one of my fraternity brothers and they would bethere as soon as they could. Be unique, Go greek.


Take your time, and don't rush through things. Taking a hard look at what the school has to offer both immediately as a freshman, and preparing you for after you graduate is just the beginning. The opinion of the student body, as well as the faculty, is something you should consider when looking at what school has a major you want to study.


The best advice that i could give a student about finding the right college for them would be to take the time to learn about the college. go and visit it if at all possible to get a feel for the environment, also visit with people who have gone or are going to the school. Finding the right school for you can be a hard decision to make but if you put a little time and effort into your selection you can have to best experience possible.


I would concentrate on basics, like your interests and make sure that the campus or surrounding area has a few places that you really like. Take a campus tour! They are free and a great way to see exactly what you'd be getting into. If it doesn't quite feel right, keep looking, but make sure to keep track of likes/dislikes. Don't box yourself into one major right away. Check out a few different things and don't write something off because your "friends" wouldn't like it. This is the time to do what you want to do, and find out who you are. I suggest dorms the first year because there will always be people around to hang out with and weekly activities, whichever ones pique your interest. There are so many different activities, but you won't find them huttled in your room playing video games. While that is okay to do sometimes, go out and just experience life. If hanging at the game is not your thing, try something else. Ask others where some great hangout spots are. College is about having the time of your life, so why not?


Go on campus tours, and don't just see if the campus is right for you but the town/city has to offer you too. Get involed on campus, if its going to sporting events, intramural sports or volunteer work.


visit alot of colleges and get an early start! dont wait to go to college after high school even if it seems intimidating.. just go. dont hold back on attending college activities, it helps you make alot of friends. the friends you make in college are the people who will more than likely be your lifelong friends. have fun, but be sure to focus on your studies and do things in your own time. everyone does things in their own time, so stay true to yourself, and make the best of your college years. afterall, you only get to experience them for a short time.


This is a great school for your child to attend. Its not to big or too small of a school. I think that its economically cheap depending on what major your going for. The school also has plenty of events for students to attend and a great learning atmosphere.


When choosing a college the size of the campus will not matter. It is the people who are there that will define your college career. Find a college where you feel comfortable being yourself. Once in school be sure to socialize and network as much as possible. Study hard but remember to take time for yourself. Engage your professors, not only do they enjoy it; you will learn a lot more. Attend different school events as much as possible, and try the more obscure events as well. Actively search for job opportunities before you leave school. Do these things and you will have an unforgettable college experience.


If it doesn't feel like the right fit, wait and give it a chance to grow on you. You might find out that it's just the place for you.


Look around! Look all over your state, look all over the country, look all over the world! Look for the perfect school, it is out there if you look hard enough. Find a school with the right program or programs that are exactly what you want to do or are at least on the short list of things you really love and understand. Check out the campus. Check out the dorms. When it's right, you'll know. When you get there, try anything and try everything. You are now the captain of your own soul. Own your life. Its yours!!! You have been living the life of your parents, the life of your school, the life of your teachers, and now it's time for you to live your life, and the only way to figure out what that is is to just take in everything around you. Reach out to the community around you, and look into all the groups and activities around you. If you are scared, or confused, or you feel alone, the fact is you aren't. College is filled with thousands of people that feel the same way. Be Yourself. Enjoy Yourself. Love It!


I think it all depends on what one can afford. If one is able to afford a higher education with proper financial aid I think that person should take the opportunity and go for it. I think diversity playes a big part in someones choice. Diversity I believe is a great aspect for ones choice. One other decision I faced was where did most of my went to school. I chose the college where my best friend went to. Since then I've met 3 people I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life.


Get your child involved in activities, otherwise they will be left nearly friendless. Living on campus helps you make friends better.


Knowing what major you want to persue is a good start. So finding a college that specializes or has wonderful facilities with that major would be a good route to go. I think that when going to your first year at college that you should stay on on campus housing in the dorms or something like that because then you are in the action. Its an easy way to make new friends and find a place where you fit in. Also making friends with the people who are in your major because from my experience i have classes with them everyday so its important to have a good relationship with them because they shortly become your family away from home. Dont be afraid to get involved with new things, and try things you've never done before because now is the time. And the most important thing about making the most of your college experience: Dont go home every weekend! You miss out on a lot and trust me if you go home you wont feel like you fit in at college and you'll want to leave when in reality you do fit in.


Find the one that has diversity and offer diverse programs.