Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Some of the classes are too big. I prefer small classes. Some professors only grade exams and it's hard to bring your grade up if you don't do well on exams.


The most frustrating thing about Minnesota State University, Mankato, is how expensive on-campus food is. On-campus food is way overpriced. This is especially frustrating for students who live on campus and don't have vehicles.


Didn't always notify about cancelled classes due to weather, so I still commuted there not knowing it had been cancelled. And it was my only class of the day.


when you get a professor that does not understand how you learn, and they only go by what they want to go by. when they do not go or take your ideas to maybe help the class a little more if there is something that is unclear to everyone.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the registration windows for each student vary, and it is often very hard to register for the classes that you need.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is that as a freshman we get to register last. This means if we are trying to stay on track though college, it is pretty much impossible because we can't take the classes we need.


The most frustrating thing about Mankato is sometimes it is hard to get into classes that you need. I feel like my advisor isn't very helpful and that I could figure my schedule out on my own. Also I feel like a lot of people party and drink, but not everyone does you just have to find the right friends who don't.


inability of the advisors to help


Money would have to be one of the most frustrating things about this school. The school itself really doesn't cost all that much, but I am an aviation student so I have to pay extra money to fly, and do other things out at the airport. It gets to be very costly in the end, and all of the money that I have given to the school is from loans. It is going to be very hard to pay off my loans after school.


The financial aid office was not user friendly.


The most frustrating thing about my school is it is a very large school but most of the students who attend aren't very friendly, I had an incredibly hard time making friends with people at my school and I am a very outgoing person! The dorm I lived in was a closed off dorm. The people who lived in this particular dorm were mostly upperclassman (when I myself am an underclassman). No one left their doors open or even left their rooms to TRY to meet new people. I had a horrible experience my first year.


I never felt like I truely fit in while attending the school. I sometimes tried to talk to the people dealing with financial aid after my father died and was never able to get a hold of the person after contacting her several times.


The amount of stress that one can be under at a certain time, because it seems that all the professors assign things all at the same time.


That some of my credits did not transfer for general education credits.


the school spirit, it's a suitcase college


my advisor


Trying to balance school work and a social life. Good Grades Good Social Life Good Sleep It's college, you can only pick two!


i tend to have all my tests in the same week. the parking is so far away.


Professors give group projects so they don't have to grade as much.