Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Coming to this University I didn't know much about myself. I didn't know what I had to do in order to succeed as a freshmen in college. High school environment is way different from how college life is. Some say it's the same but I say there's a new total feel and definitely a change to how you did/do things in high school. I wish I knew time management meant so much to you as a college student and for the rest of your life. First year of college has changed my life.


I was not surprised by any thing. My academic advisor was very explanatory about my degree studies and the campus. One surprise was that the Vikings used our campus for Spring training. Fun to watch,


I wish I would have known about the social aspect of the college. A lot of people consider this college a party school and I might have been more leary about coming here than I was when I initially applied.


i do no really think that there is anything that i wish i would have known. maybe having to pick something, i would pick that i wish i would have known what my major was going to be because i think that it is a very important thing for everyone to know when going to a university because once you get here and maybe have an idea of what you want to do, you see all the other options and then get confused. so i wish i would have know this before i started school.


I wish I had known that MSU lacks sufficient housing for all of its students.


I wish some of the upperclassmen I know here had told me about the partying that goes on in the dorms. The noise makes it hard for me to study and sleep. I do realize though that this is to be expected at most colleges.


I think it is a scary thing to be at a new school and not know where to go or who to talk to for help. So the one thing I wish I had known before I started here was really how many resources you have available to you right from the moment of enrollment. Everything from financial aid and housing, to tech services and the many clubs that can help lots of students get involved in their major and the community.


how expenseive it is to live in mankato or just on my own would have like to know about your grant and many others.


I wish I would have known about ways to save money on textbooks. The campus bookstore does not have good discounts on books.


I wish I had know that I would make new friends fast and have fun and fantastic memories at this school. It would have made the nerves go away and my worrying stop and I would have known that everything bad that happened in the past does not matter anymore because I was making a new start.


At the same time, this college is a suitecase campus with many of the students living close to home and going home every weekend; however, the weekends are very relaxing, with friends getting together to maybe go out to dinner, catch a movie, or just hang out in such a way that alcohol and drugs are not involved.


I wish i would have had more knowledge about community colleges. I would have completed my generals first, then transferred to a 4 year college. Besides that this school feels like home to me. It fits me.


That getting involved in school right away was key to getting to know people on campus and enjoying campus life. If you join late you are often met with less than friendliness.


how important socializing early is.




More about what I wanted to do in life


I wish I had known how small and isolated the town is from any other cities.


I wish i would have known what classes would have transferred. I transferred fom Rochester Community and Technical College and received my liberal arts degree there. i probably could have saved a semester here at MSU if i would have known some of the credits could have been used for my major. Its only a semester but its also a semester that i have to pay for and a semester that i could be out teaching at a school with my degree.


Nothing. Everything was explained in orientation


That when you apply to this school that there is $20 applying charge to apply for the college.


I wish I had known more about how the administration of everything on campus worked, so I would have had an easier time figuring everything out, such as financial and scheduling issues. I really had to play things by ear and ask a lot of questions to a lot of different people, because I didn't feel as if I was adequately informed of how the inner workings of the school's administration works. Also, if I was more informed about the variety of MSUs extracurricular and social activities, such as intramural sports, I would have been much more involved.


I wish I would have know how RELAXED the professors are on grading things and returning them.