Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think that all the clubs and organizations that Mankato has to offer is the best part about the university. They offer clubs for just about anything and if they don't have a club for something you like, it is not hard to start one. This makes students fit in a lot easier and also helps them make life long friends. One of the best services that I utilize is the tutoring centers on campus. They offer one on one tutoring for just about every subject which really helps the student learn the subject they need help with.


The best part of my school was the student government. While being a member I had the opportunity to meet with faculty, assist with the budget, and help be the voice of the college of allied health and nursing.


I would say the best thing about this school is its centralized nature, and the acessibility associated with that centralization.


There is a diverse population of students which coalesce to produce a unique perspective in nearly every sphere of influence. The reason for this is the vast dissimilarities each student carries with them.


The best thing about Minnesota State University is the diversity of classes. The ability to choose classes that may be interesting, instead of taking classes because those are the only ones offered is a new concept to me. In high school, there was a narrow path in which I could take in order to stretch my learning capacity, and this lead me to PSEO at Minnesota State University, where I could take classes because I wanted to.


The best thing about this college is that it is big enough to the point where you can get involved in so many different activities, clubs, and groups but yet it also isn't too big. It is small enough where you are able to really get to know a good group of people. The campus offers many different opportunities to get involved and that is a big factor when applying for jobs after graduation. Area is important and there are many things located close to campus making it feel like a small town.


Sounds nerdy, but MSU has a great library and online e-resources.


The campus itself. It is large enough to experience diversity and a variety of courses, but it is also small enough so you can have small class sizes. It is also nice to walk around campus and occassionally bump into someone you know.


small classes one on one teaching if needed, the equipment is state of the art price is okay when I graduate I will have a associate degree in graphics transfers to other schools job placement is garanteed not far from my parents


The diversity that is offered on the campus because it gives insight to the cultures that surrounds our community. It helps us better understand the people that are all around us. The way that one speaks of their own culture gives diverse reasoning to the fact that they are unique.


the best thing about our campus is that there is alot of things to do and many people to hang out with. also the people here are vary friendly.


I love the fact that they are so helpful. They have a class called first year experience and its for freshman. It is just an informational class on where things are located on campus, how to get in touch with advisors, groups that are here at the university, and a whole lot more just to get you more comfortable and know where everything is. I felt so welcome my first week of school. I was really nervouse, but everyone was very helpful, even the students that are older.


accredited, nice people, close to where I live


The best thing about Mankato is the size and the community. The campus is small enough where you can walk around from class to class and make it within 5 to 10 minutes. I am in both a sorority and tennis and there are so many more things you can be involved in at Mankato.


The best thing about my school is its size. There is always something to do here on campus and campus is the place to be.


The athletic training program is the oldest and most well-known in the country so it gives an advantage to students like myslef when pursuing that career path. The bulidings on campus are all up to date for the most part and very modern. The work out facillities are amazing and are state of the art.


I like how some of the buildings are connected so you can walk inside in the winter.


All of the faculty has been nothing but nice to me. I have experienced those grouchy advisors and worn out teachers before never here. All of my professors are enthusiastic about what they teach, and my advisors have been so patient and helpful during the registration and planning processes. My classes are difficult, but it is just the right amount of difficulty. The teachers push you to grow, and are readily availible outside of class if you think you need extra help. There are tons of opportunities to interact with peers. It's a very welcoming and positive environment here.


I like how it has a lot of things you can do and be a part of and to be involed with, and you can make some good friends to, and it is a good enverment to be a part of. That is why I like the school i am at .


Minnesota State Univeristy in Mankato is a smaller campus, but I found I enjoyed that a lot more because it made everyone feel closer. The town surrounding the campus was large enough to always have something fun to do, but small classrooms and a closer campus made you feel more at home. You actually get to know other students and hockey games are great! There's so much school spirit!


I love the Otto work out center. The ability to have computers mounted with exersize equipment is great.


Focus on helping students with whatever problems they may have.


The school spirit. It's great to go to sporting events and other events on and off campus and see all the students cheering on the school!


I have met friends from all over the world, and have become best friends with people I never would have thought I would be friends with. You meet all sorts of different people and I feel like our campus is very diverese and there are activities and groups for people of any interest.


I would have to say the new technology around campus and the growing atmosphere. I swear the school gets a little bigger each and every year.


That we can come together as a school when we experiences a tragedy.