Minnesota State University Moorhead Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Fantastic art program!


The arts. Choir is popular in town and I believe they do quite a few trips. Art exhibit, couple auditoriums, recording studio, etc. The art center on campus is huge and chock full of facilities for art and music students. Other than that there is the business center and science lab, those are pretty up to date. We share cadavers with Concordia, I think each school gets two per year.


M state has approximately a 22 to 1 ratio in student to teachers, which offer an opportunity for extra help if needed. Also the number of nontraditional students is higher than the other schools in my area, making the anxiety of returning to college after 25 years a bit more manageable. The fact that M State is accredited as a member of the Minnesota State College and University System, gave me confidence in choosing to return to school at the two year level knowing if I chose to pursue a Bachelor Degree my credits would transfer.


Teaching majors (especially elementary education), the arts, our brand new science lab, and all the opportunities for undergraduate research.


It's many great teachers, and fine student body.


Very liberal, artsy kind of school in a city type setting, but it still feels like a small town because of the amiability of people in the community.


Business and education. We are known for pumping out teachers.


wide variety of classes to begin your career as a student


Small Class Sizes. The teachers know you by name.