Minnesota State University Moorhead Top Questions

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The campus is small enough to walk everywhere on campus, but large enough to feel like a college. It is also much more affordable compared to the other schools I had planned on attending when I was considering my options. This school has turned out to exceed my expectations more than I thought it would. It's much more social, and I also don't feel like I am just a number to the school.


The uniqness of MSU Moorhead is that it is a small campus and everyone is friendly here. We all get along great. Even if we do not know each other, we will still hold the door open for others, greet one another, and are kind and caring to everyone we see around us. Moorhead is a unique campus that I am glad to be a part of.


MSUM had all the classes I wanted to take, and the major. Also I was able to live with a close family friend the 1st sem. and now live with my best friend from high school. The classes are small and the teacher know you by first name and your major. They are will to help you even the Dean of Student is interested in the students. The campus is small and friendly.


MSUM has such a community feel where you know a lot of people but at the same time its not like a tiny school where everyone knows everyond and you can't get away or make new friends you always can find new people which is what makes it so great but all still while seeing familiar faces. MSUM also has an out of this world freshmen orientation week. As a previous Student Orientation Counselor and experiencing as a freshmen myself it was the best experience of my life and I was able to see it in both lights.


It's a great school and the tuition is very reasonable.


What I have found that is different from my school is that it is the perfect size for me. I grew up in a small town and a small town school. NDSU is huge, at MSUM my professors know my name when they walk by me at the mall or see me at work. It is a challenging school, I feel safe there and feel that I can discuss my questions on the assignment with my professors. NDSU maybe a good school but not the school for me. I like being known as a me and not just another student.


There are three major colleges/universities in the Fargo-Moorhead area and each is unique in its own way. MSUM is a very "artsy" school, if you will. I really enjoy the creativity of the students here. There are always new things going on and a wide range of student organizations. There are also several research opportunities offered. Also, the education department is one of the best in the state of Minnesota. I love the Spanish department also. All the professors I have had in the Spanish and Education Departments are fantastic. A beautiful campus. Overall, I really love MSUM!!!!


MSUM is a school with staff the work to build a bridge with the students, so that they can feel comfortable to ask any questions and get help. MSUM also offers various learning communities in which students join and have a community they live with. Each community share similar classes so that students bond more, but also have separate classes so that they can meet people out side of the communites. Each communities also engage in activities together throughout the year for more experiences of kinship. A group of professors lead the communities to help students out more.


Our school is not as consured about weining people out, they for the most part want us to to pass and become better at everything we do. I don't think that we are nothing more than a number to the teachers. most of the teachers care and will help you if you need it.


The best part about my school is that the campus is small, it doesnt take much time at all to get from dorms to classes.


Everything is in one building. Don't have to mess with parking or walking thru snow. Only school in the area that offered a Dental Program. Able to also get my 2 year transfer degree that is applicable toward a 4 year degree later down the road.


I did not consider any other schools


It was a perfect size school for someone like me. The school has a smaller class room setting then most other university.


I thought it's size was unique, it was pretty small, and it had a "homy" feel to it.