Minnesota State University Moorhead Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student interested in psychology, business, or the arts is wise to come here. It may be a smaller campus than the other main campuses in the area, but it does add to the cosiness and it helps one avoid getting lost in the crowd.




Really anyone could attend this school, but the best way to know if you are right for it is to take a tour. The best things about this school is that it is a nice small campus with smaller class sizes. The professors I have had so far are all very nice and helpful. It is perfect for someone who wants to both be in a bigger town, but not with too much people to get the attention you deserve.


Anyone looking for a supportive study environment. Some people in class discussions can be kind of quiet before you get to know them so it helps to just go ahead and be a self-starter. If you have a question about a course of study or want to discuss things related, professors are usually happy to speak with you during office hours. We also have international students hosting many things so you can meet them and learn of their cultures so it's good if you want a small campus that still lets you broaden your horizons!


Moorhead State is a very good school for music, art, and elementary education majors. It's a fairly small campus and there are many friendly people and the staff is very helpful. It's a very reasonable price as well. Anyone who wants to live at a decent price, get a good education, and meet friendly people should go here.


Any person interested in pursuing further education. Those interested in continuing the academic experience that leads to self-fulfillment and a professional career.


A person with a good sense of responsibility and community. I personally think, there are should be more diverse personality people to add some "spices" to a general school environment. Also very important for a prospective student to be open and outgoing, because a lot of studnets on campus can be shy and one might want to make a first step.


Someone who is out-of-the-norm. This is a pretty liberal campus and there are many different people here.


Anyone who is looking to attend a school with friendly people, cheap budget, and for a good education.


This school is for many different kinds of people. I would recommend it to anyone as long as MSUM has the major that they are persuing.


This school focuses on mayn different types of students. It has a great arts program as well as a state of the art science department. Whether you want to teach, be an engineer, a sociologist, or nurse, this school is for you. If you want a good quality education, go to this school.


If you're from the area and you don't want to be far from your family, I would suggest going to this school. It is a great place to get an undergraduate degree if that is all you are going for. It is also great for transfer students who did poorly elsewhere because they don't factor previous GPAs into the one they have on record for you at the school.


anyone interested in a liberal studies education


Someone who can self-motivate and look for answers. Our administration sucks with organization, so be prepared to do the paperwork for all scholarships or financial aid to ensure your money comes through.


A extremly liberal person.


It's very arts based. There are a lot of artsy people on this campus. I am a business major so sometimes for that reason I feel out of place.