Minnesota State University Moorhead Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who likes to drink or party a lot because their GPA will drop harder and faster compared to the student who doesn't study as much as everyone else. This is also isn't the type of school for someone who slacked off a lot in high school. Unfortunately, I was kind of one of those students, but I have taught myself a method of studying that works well for me, and I am glad that I learned it so quickly.


Someone who wants to stay in their own little demographic niche and not listen to anyone else's opinions. Also, if you're used to high quality ethnic food be prepared to cook your own or eat out at one of the okay-to-good ethnic restaurants we have here. Food on campus is really Americanized with big portions! That can be a big deal to some people.


The sort of person who shouldn't attend ths school is someone who doesn't understand the value of hard work or doesn't savor the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a job well done.


I cannot think of any.


Who am I to say who SHOULDN'T attend this school? It's a public state accredited two year college that has a lot to offer anyone who wants to learn. Personally, I feel this is no question to be asked on a campus discovery scholarship site. This question could only invoke unwarranted prejudice and I will take no part in it! Sorry, but that's my answer.


I don't believe that any "type" of person should not wish to attend this school. MSUM accels in nearly every aspect.


Someone who likes large communities and a busy city life.


Someone who is trying to get into a competitive field, other than education.


You shouldn't attend this school if you want high quality dorms or a strong athletic team to compete on.


Those who really want to focus on their studies or work with the best proffesors in their chosen field.


Someone who is willing to learn and is not afraid to exposed to a more hands on way of learning. Someone who enjoys getting involved in their classes and is willing to go out on a limb and do something out of their comfort zone. Definitely someone who enjoys the smaller classes and getting to know their professors.


A person who wants a good education at an afordable price.


People focused on a sports-oriented or prestigious environment shouldn't attend. People who don't like harsh winters or small cities or towns.


A student who is not motivated to do well academically should not attend this college. While the university does everything in its power to provide assistance to students with learning disabilities, the professors and peers have little tolerance for students who do not do their work or habitually hand in late assignments.




People who judge.