Minnesota State University Moorhead Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


That you have to have 2 drawing courses no matter what emphasis of the Arts you are going into .


I feel uncomfortable with both sides of gender stuff. Either there are jerks who heckle the trans students (I have a friend who kept hiding in her room because of it) here or people try to be openminded, but it comes across as tokenizing and people mistake gender role and gender expression for someone being trans. It is rather uncomfortable for me as a psychology major, what with how dysphoria (being trans) and gender nonconformity are separate things and are differentially diagnosed (gender dysphoria is treated, gender nonconformity isn't).


Lack of diversity, mostly Caucasians. Cultures were treated in a stereotypical manner.


Ready to move out of the dorm.


the most frustrating thing about campus is the size. its's a really small campus so everyone knows everybody, which makes it difficult to meet new people.


The only thing I dont like about MSUM is that it is almost three hours away from my home town.


Getting in to classes sometimes can be difficult. Like I have had a late registration time every year for registration and I am falling behind in my major schedule which kind of gets annoying.


Not being able to get information from administrative people about financial aid or career counseling that would be helpful to me.


The computre lab in Nemzek never works right.


The online classes offered make it hard to keep up with them along with other classes. Some programs require online classes, but it doesnt seem like students gain much from them. Yet, some programs are growing more and more online every year.


I don't really find anything all that frustrating.