Minot State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This is the kind of school that someone that is not comfortable with crowds would be at home at. The campus and class sizes are small, but not so small that it feels unscholastic or wanting.


I don't think that any student should be denied access to college. The work ethic they show will decide if they belong there or not. There should be certain standards that students must meet, but there should be no other discrimination involved. Every person deserves a chance.


All people should always attend any university to pursue higher education. If this is your choice, make the best out of it. However, if your goal is to be challenged and pushed, I do not know if this would be the ideal one to attend. I mean, the curriculum is solid, but professor just do not put inficise on how crucial the material is and that it will be needed later on. So the other kids in class just memorize it so they can pass the test instead of learning it to retain it always.




I think this school would be great for anyone interested in furthering their learning. The classes do take a lot of out of class time for homework, so if you don't have the extra time, right now might not be the right time for you to enroll.

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