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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Instead of attending college for a year, and then joining the AF, just join the AF straight out of High School, then you will get the life experience, maturity and knowledge to do well afterwards and do college right!


I would tell my self to not be afraid of the classwork or the change. I was terrified that I wouldn't be smart enough to handle college work, and I was worried that the teachers wouldn't care about helping me. I have found that college is ten times better than high school. You are allowed to pick what you want to take, because of this it wasn't hard for me to keep my grades up. Also, school wasn't as hard as high school teachers made it out to be. As long as I stayed focused I was fine. The teachers are willing to help you. There are also alot of programs to help you as well. I would then inform myself about campus life. How it is like a small community. There are always people around you wanting to get to know you. College was definately the best decision I have made so far.


Take a year off and learn more about yourself. Save the money you earn that year and don't rely on student loans. Remember that classes will get tough, but if you persist and persevere, you will make it. Not every project will be fun, and not every assignment will make sense. Your GPA is important, though, so you must remain vigilant and stay on task. Turn in all your assignments on time and make sure you're reading up on all the subject matter. Stay active and keep up with friends and especially your peers. You cannot achieve your dreams alone, and nothing is more satisfying than sharing an achievement with someone who understands. You must stay active and keep your weight under control, but you have to do it smartly. Understand that your dreams are important, but so are other people. If you help people to achieve and enjoy their dreams, they will do the same for you, and there is no better feeling. And keep your GPA up.


If i were to go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself that college will be a lot more difficult than high school has been. I would also tell myself that I will need a lot of focus from day one of every class, especially Biology. As a senior, I was sitting pretty high and thinking that college would be a breeze, much like high school had been. However, after a month or so of classes, I found that it was not as it seemed. College classes are much more demanding. I would make sure I realized that as a senior so that I would go into school knowing that I needed to work everyday, not just the last month before semester exams.


Experience is a great teacher. As a high school senior, I remember reading through stacks of college brochures each offering their promises of a bright and successful educational experience and each persuading me that I belonged at that institution. Back then, my selection process was simple. I sought a college that offered my major, was not too far from my family (but far enough), and would accept me. As far as what to expect of college life, well, I had no idea. Neither did I know much about how to go about financing and budgeting for college. Given the opportunity to travel back through time, I would give myself this advice: Balance the amount of time you spend with friends and your studies?you won?t regret missing a few movie nights. If you must choose between more sleep and more studying the night before a semester test, opt. for the sleep. Do most of your schoolwork in the library rather than in the dorm room or lounge. Part way through the semester, call or e-mail FAFSA and ask if they have any extra financial aid available?it doesn?t hurt to ask! Relax, organize, and prioritize.


College is the most important part of your life. It aids you in your "quest" to finding your future intrests, assuming you wouldn't know by the time you are a senior in high school. This is the time you have, and a perfect opportunity, to make connections, get social, make friends to keep, and best of all, learn more about an intrest you are wanting to know more about (i.e. art, science, medical, etc.). All things considered, college is, and should be, the greatest goal to achieve!


I would tell myself to follow your heart. I would hold my head up high, and say "anything is possible if you want it enough." I had a lot of people when I graduated high school that told me I would not finish college because even though I finished with a 3.7 GPA, I also married a military guy and moved away from home. I knew in my heart that I wanted to go to college and get my degree so I could make something of myself. I deserve to become the best person I can. College can be tough, but as long as you stay on top of your work and want to do what you are striving for, nothing is too hard. Upon graduating, I will be the first to graduate from college in my family, and that pushes me everyday to want it more and more. I know what I am capable of and the day I can look back on all my hard work and determination and smile while I hold my diploma in my hand, that will be the best day of my life.


I would tell myself not to worry. I would let that girl know that her best is goon enough, and any pressure she was feeling is inconsequential. I would tell her to go out with her friends and to cherish the time she had with them, because she will never be with them again. They were the people who helped shape her as an individual, and the times they let go by them for ridiculous responsibilities will never come around again. Then again, i would tell her how proud I am that she made the informed and intelligent desicions she did, and that all of the hard work and endless nights of study and dedication were also well worth it.


When I picked a college I was one hundred percent ready to go to another college other than what school I ended up attending. I say follow your heart and pray often. I ended up at the school I did just because the other school did not feel right. I am very happy that I did choose to attend the college I did. If I were to give advice on how to make the most of someone's college expierance I would say, do not be scared to get involved. Too often people decide they are not good enough to be in certain things, I say go for it.


Visit more than one college before making your decision. If you only visit your number one choice, you'll never know what else is out there. Visit with the faculty and staff, especially those in your department. Trust your instincts. If you get the feeling that the faculty don't really care about you, or that you just don't fit in, you're probably right. It's much better to find those things out before you've committed yourself to one college. It's difficult to give advice on "making the most of the college experience" because every student is looking for something different. So, figure out what you want, and go for it.


Really take the time to research the schools and think about a lot of different aspects of the school, such as social life and the location, as well as academics. Visit many campuses to get a feel of what you like and try to ask as many students as you can hat the school is like. Try to have a few specific questions in mind that are important to you.


I have heard many students say, "I was unsure of what school to attend, but I know I made the right choice in attending..." Most students will declare that their school is chose beyond all schools. They are right. When choosing a school, find a school that has your major if interest and allows you to be you. I choice my school because of athletics. This is not the same for everyone. Whatever the reason maybe to attend a school, or if you have two schools to choice from just make a decision. When you finally make that choice, run with it. You will find that no matter what school you choice, it will be great; as long as you choice to succeed in all that you do.


tour the campus before you go. Go where you feel comfortable.


Selecting a college is something to take seriously. If you are unsure in the begining, choose a school that has alot of major choices. make it a priority to visit the campuses you are considering to see how you like the environment, and talk to a financial aid counselor to help figure out what you can afford early on. Once you get to campus, get involved in an activity or within your major, such as with research in order to get to know people, this is especially important if you don't live on campus. Try not to get too stressed out, but be serious with your class work. Enjoy this time and explore!


Don't always go with the big name...it may only be a name.


I would tell them to visit many schools and make sure it's the right shool. Try to talk to as many students as possible to see how they like the school and to talk to the faculty.


Sometimes you just have to choose a college and try it out for a semester. It is easy to transfer and every college has a different feel to it. As long as it has the major you want to choose, give it a try.


First of all, location is key. I chose to attend a university close to home, and I could not be happier with my choice to do so, however everyone has different thoughts on this issue. Many students choose to attend universities far from home and end up later regretting it, and many choose universities close to home and regret it. Choose a college where you feel comfortable with your surroundings, the facility, the professors. It may seem scary at first, but find these things out before making a decision. College is a major step in an individual's life, and it is crucial to know you are going somewhere you will feel accepted and where you believe you will do well socially, academically, and physically. Make sure to always expect study time because yes, it is college, but make sure to also make social time. College is all about learning how to balance time and energy. Study hard, enjoy meeting new people, go to class, attend on campus activities, keep your head high, do not let go of your dreams, and have fun! Just remember to keep your priorites set, and don't forget about that diploma awaiting you!


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