MiraCosta College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a school that has three campuses, and it is known to be a commuter school. It is very efficient in helping students by offering free tutoring, workshops dealing with various issues, service learning volunteering, interships and jobs through the career center, and transfer information through the transfer center. Every other thurdsay, the school offers a college hour for its students that has free food and a live band. The teachers and administrators are always very helpful, and always offer support to its students.


Mira Costa College is a great campus with excellent instructors who really care about their students.


My school has a good education that will help me achieve in my future goals for my desired major that I plan to succeed in.


Mira Costa is an extremely large two year school with excellent resources and facilities for all undergraduate majors and has given me a great oppurtunity to finish my core classes, save money, and become well prepared for my intended major, music performance.