MiraCosta College Top Questions

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Mira Costa College is a great school. The teachers there have a lot of teaching experience and some have taught at Universities as well. The campus is very clean and modern. They have a great library with plenty computers and printers, along with staff to assist you and answer any questions you may have about the center. MCC also has many tutoring centers and learning centers that the instructors strongly encourage students to attend. The instuctors are very helpful and really want their students to succeed. You can tell they are caring and are really there to help their students.


The community college is cheaper in tuition and easier to get in for classes that I must complete towards my undergraduate degree. This was the first reason I went there. However, I become to realize that some of their classes are actually more useful than a 4-year university. Furthermore, the staff are so friendly and professional, better than some of the 4-year university.


Its a lot smaller, the atmosphere there is strong. Everyone desires to learn and excel. The unique size and location add to the beautiful atmosphere that is derived from the clean campus and caring professors.