MiraCosta College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag to my friends about my school I often discuss the warmness of every staff member at MiraCosta College. From the first time I walked in I was immediately greeted with a friendly face. Everyone I met after that was dedicated to helping me and making my experience better. My teachers were all genuinely sincere and helpful whenever necessary.


Well first of all, I let them know that Miracosta College has one of the highest transfer rates one could imagine. Many of the students that attend the campus usually move on to Universities to pursue their main goals. I like to bring up how my grades have been very legitimate during the semesters I have attended at Miracosta College. It really proves my school is successful in helping students progress towards success. I also like to emphasize the atmosphere which Miracosta Belongs to, it provides views of the ocean as well as the mountains. Great for relaxation and work.


If I were to brag about my school, I would first of all tell someone that the professors are awesome. They genuinely still seem like they love their jobs and truly want the students to learn. The campus is also very quiet and clean. It offers a friendly, comfortable, small town feel. I think this is very important, because campuses can be overwhelming. This school also seems to have some decent funding, because there are numerous resources for students that are extremely helpful. Finally, they have a fairly wide range of classes and times which helps for working students.


Because I am a very social person, I am proud of my school's effort in gathering its students for communal activities. The student council holds a weekly "college hour" with free lunch and entertainment, which I love. The various clubs and organizations offered on campus also delight me and I think that it is great that students get a lot of exposure to the clubs and organizations to know that they exist and what they are like.


my school overall is just fun, there is never a boring day. Plus i love the option of chosing when i want to attend classes, but all colleges do that.


People are focused at my school. If your goal is to transfer, then this is the school to go to. You can see your counselor any day during the semester, which is extremely helpful. The professors here are the best in the country for community colleges. The campus is beautiful that sits on top of a hill overlooking the coast. Our student population is so diverse so everyone fits in. Parking is always easy to find. It's cheap. It is one of the most highly acclaimed community colleges in the country with ties to Columbia and Stanford.


There are alot of things that I brag about when I tell my friends about MiraCosta College. For example, we are opening courses and inviting students not shutting them out, we have the cream of the crop teachers, but the most important thing about MiraCosta College is that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you need, that is always someone there ready to help you with any questions or guidence that you might need.