MiraCosta College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst part about MiraCosta College is the library. The way it is designed is the bottom floor is used for a computer lab while the top floor is mainly to study. The problem that I have with this is the bottom floor is loud and voices can be heard from upstairs. Other than that I enjoy the college.


One in every 20 teachers are weird or not the best teachers at explaining material


The worst thing about my school is that it does not offer a program that I am interesed in taking. It is a Radiologic Technology AA degree. It is the closest school to where I live, and it would be really great if it offered that program.


The worst thing about my school is the prices of textbooks/materials; then again, that is how colleges are. This scholarship will help me with this problem!


Some of the employees aren't as informative as they should be. They aren't as helpful as you would hope they would be for students, at one point I was truly discouraged. I am on fire to attend and obtain my goal to be a nurse, I went into the financial aid office for assistance and it seems they are not forthcoming about all or any options financially to assist the goal oriented individuals. I felt this discouragement three times with the same person and it just seems so disheartening and absolutely frustrating.


I don't usually have many complaints about the campus. I wish that they would put a little more effort into regulating room temperatures, because its always really cold in class. I personally believe that the more relaxed you are, the better chance you have of absorbing information for learning. It would be nice to see more parking added as well, because sometimes it can take 30 minutes to find a spot.


The crowds of students all trying to get into the same classes! I love my school; I love the campus, I love the instructors, I love the library and the resources available to the students... but getting into the classes I feel like it is every man and women for his/herself, it is cut throat trying to get the classes you need, especially the sciences. Too many students, too few classes.


The one thing wrong with my school is that it is small. It doesn't offer many classes other than the basics you need for your general education. There are no zoology courses, but there are many general sciences such as biology, chemistry, anatomy..etc.


The worst thing about MiraCosta College would have to be the financial aid available. Though the economic crisis has affected most colleges including UC's and state colleges I feel that on the community colllege level it is worse. Because community college is some students last source of education, financial aid and scholarships are absolutely necessary in order to keep those students feeling motivated and not left behind because education is not affordable.