MiraCosta College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who highly value their education and are willing to put lots of time and energy into it are the type pf people who should attend this school. They should be willing to work hard and be able to seperate their social and school life from each other. A person who likes a lot of space and has an extroverted personality would do well here.


Students who are serious in furthering their education and transferring to a four year university.


Anyone who is looking to satisfy their general education requirements. There is also other certificate programs as well as continuing education programs to better your job skills.


Anyone who has not yet decided on a degree, or anyone who has decided on a degree and wants to transfer in the future to a four year school


I have taken mostly regular classes. Then I fell in love with online classes with gives me flexibility to do other things. However, whether it's a regular class or online class, it takes self-discipline and responsibility to take the class.


any person really, it is a good enviroment for basically anybody .


One who is commited to transfering and desires a well rounded education. One that desires to attend a four year university.


Someone who needs to achieve genreal education and has no desire to stray away from there IGETC form.