Misericordia University Top Questions

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The professors here actually want to help and teach, not just get paid. Misericordia is a community, not just a school.


It's a private school. Everywhere else I looked was a state school.


It is a small classroom feel, so it is easy to contact the teachers and understand concepts that you dont get. The small school allowes you to meet more people quicker- however it is a small school so you will have small school politics & fast traveling word/rumors. It is a "suitcase" campus so its kinda dead on the weekends- if your not on sports & dont drink you probably will not like the weekend life. Close to wilksbare-scranton region if you have a car!


The small class sizes are a plus and the close tight knit community than Misericordia provides allows for much involvement, while getting to know a lot of people.


You are an indiviual, not a number


Small. great!


It's a quite country type enviroment, it's great for studing and getting work done. We play football , basketball, lift weights . We go to the mall, movies and go out to eat when we have extra money. it really is a great school.


It is very small in nature, located in a small town with a longer distance to shopping and activities than other schools.


the program i'm enrolled in is unique about my school. the fact that medical imaging is a 4yr degree instead of a 2yr program that i could have attended for less money but i chose to go to this school for the education and bachelor's degree. for health professions this school offers a great deal and knows what they're doing is right to help educate students in the medical imaging, physical therapy and occupational therapy programs.