Misericordia University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food were served in the dining hall. I always hear students complaining about how bad it is and how they feel awful after eating. Other than that most things on campus are pretty fun and up to date.


I believe the worst thing about my school is that the cmpus is put together awkward. It is not easy to find out how to get to places and where they are located.If the campus was put together a little better it would be great. Also there outdoor vollyball court and their outdoor basketball court need some maintence done to keep them up to date.


A good number of students do go home for the weekends since they do tend to live within a reasonable driving distance of the campus. The student activities office does try to bring in activities for the rest of us during the weekend, but a lot of the time these fall flat. Most students end up either studying or drinking, depending on their workload and responsibility levels.


The worst thing is that the computers in the computer labs as well as the printers do not always work. There always seems to be some problem with them that then makes it difficult to complete assignments or get notes.


The worst thing would have to be the cafeteria because they serve terrible food and it the same every week. They never have anything new.


It is considered a Catholic school however the students have to search for the Catholic aspects of the school. However, if you are a good Catholic and choose the school based on their Catholic tradition the feel of the school is very Catholic.


The worst thing about this school is the gym facilities. The actualy basketball gym is fantastic, but the weight gym is too small to accomadate even the small 1,500 population of the school. The building was recently built, but the equipment is not as new as the building. This is a personal disappoinment, since my free time is often spent in the gym.


I feel the worst part about the University is the extremely cold weather during the winter months.


Small, but it's nice


the food is awful, and they take no consideration of the people forced to eat it, and the meal plans are way too expensive for the quality served.


A lot of people go home on the weekends so if you don't have a circle of friends who stay on campus its difficult to get into a group that does.


There is a of construction at the moment, and that makes it hard to navigate the campus and restricts access to certain buildings.


We need a better way to integrate commuters with those who dorm.


I doesn't have a football team.