Mississippi College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for forming quality pre-med and pre-law majors. Its known for quality men's and women's soccer. And its best known for the social life on campus and lifelong frienships. As well as its Art and English departments.


Mississippi College is most known for its Christiians values and character, and every faculty member shows a great amount of attention to everyone of their students. This is one of my favorite qualities of MC. Not to mention, Mississippi College has one of the best science and chemistry departments in the state.


this school is best known for Christianity, if you're already know of GOD you can come learn more, and if you don't know enough about GOD you'll very well know more before you leave. faith,family anf future is what MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE go by, and truly that is what is brought out to the students.


My school is best known for its older campus setting. Also known for being a baptist college.


The best things that MC,my school, is know for is the christian university enviornment. MC provides top of the line education for students seeking degrees in Pre-Med, Music, Pre-Law, Christian Studies , and Business just to name a few. It is campus that allows for students to get involved with the decisions that are made for campus life and other educational areas. The students are a part of running the university. They allow for students that are christians to excerise their faith freely, and those students that are seeking christ to cahnge their lives.




MS College is best known for it's strong attention to quality of work and dedication.


MC is best known for its faith.