Mississippi College Top Questions

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It genuinely cares about helping you get to know other students as soon as you come to the school.


The school I have choosen is a Christian school and it's centered around the students and a relationship with God. The school offers several opportunities to study abroad, join teams, and get involved on and off campus. The area is small and the amount of students is also small so it's easy to get to know everyone and make friends. In every classroom theres a small student to teacher ratio, so getting to know the teacher, asking questions, and understanding the subject is a lot easier than in a bigger school.


The churches around the area do a lot to reach out to students. But not much other than that.


My school very unique from any other school that I looked at. Here i feel like I found myself. Here I was able to find faith, family, and my future. I feel like we are all one large family all trying to achieve the same goal. I love that everyone here has hospitality, respect, and generosity. I truly feel that Mississippi College was a perfect match for me!


Comparatively, it offers a very generous amount of financial aid.


Mississippi College is a private, Christian university. It is a great atmosphere-very conducive to learning. However, it has an expensive tuition since it is a private school. It is located in Clinton, Mississippi- my hometown. Therefore, I feel a little more comfortable because I am familiar with all the places in town. The teachers actually care about the success of the student, which in fact is a rare thing. It is a great college.


Christian Environment, focused on Christ


Mississippi College is a small private christian university. The people are real and love the Lord. There is a place for every type person to fit in. People who are not christians also attend the college and have no problems about being picked on for their belief.


it is beautiful.