Mississippi College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Although we have a good English department, I think that the English professors are too tough and rigorous with their assignments. Chemistry is super tough! And it seems like the fixed fees for requirements on campus are too high priced.




The parking situation is the worst thing about Mississippi College. It seems silly, but they are constantly taking away student parking for construction projects that won't be started for another six weeks and then we have to park way out on the edge of campus.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of attendance, but every penny is worth it.


I can think of two things that I don?t like about this campus; this school is the lack of late night study facilities and convenient tutoring sessions. A group of students who want to study late at night must find somewhere to do so off campus, because the school doesn?t provide many places to study after it gets late. Also, there is a lack of open tutor sessions for students who are struggling in classes. These students must ask for help from professors. Many times, the professors can be somewhat hard to locate.


I don't really have many thing that can fall in that in that area. MC has many different events and rules that are not followed by other school in the state, whether private or public. I personaly love everything about MC. It is a fun place to be. Some students on the other hand do not like the open dorm policy that requires that students of the opposite sex can meet in each others rooms, but have to have the door open, lights on ,and both sets of feet on the floor. some also have a problem with chapel.


Tuition. Pretty expensive but it is a private institution.


The cost of tution is the worst thing about this school. Pell Grants do not cover the expenses , and I have to take out loans for school. Hense the reason why I am applying for scholarships on this website


Not a whole lot to do on the weekends. However, you can invent stuff to do. Its what you make of it.


There isn't enough to get into at this school. There is minimal coed interaction. It can be conflicting for group assignments and dating. Vistitation between male and female dormitories is strict. Very conservative school.




The dean of a certain department is a a pompous windbag who doesn't care anything for his students, yet expects them to believe he is God's gift to this school and brown nosing is the ticket into post-graduate admissions.


The worse thing about my school is the lack of finanical aid assistance. The school is a private university so it is fairly more expensive than public universities. The school offers scholarships but it is not enough to cover tution.