Mississippi College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I wouldn't suggest students to the school who aren't Christian or don't want anything to do with religion. Also students who are looking for a party while their at school, it's a private school and there are a lot of rules and regulations that the faculty expects the students to maintain. The school expects the students to maintain a certain grade point average and attend so many classes or you'll be kicked out of school or recieve an automatic F in the class.


If a person loves to party and get drunk then Mississippi College is not the right choice. MC provides a Christian environment for their students.


Anyone not willing to study hard and apply themselves academically. A person that wants to major in a trade.


This school is not for the kind of person who is looking to be an individual, those who typically shy away from conforming to the norm. This school also has a climate that is not incredibly accepting of LGBTQ individuals and allies, but there is a growing student support system with a newly formed GSA unaffiliated with the school itself. If you do choose to be 'out' on campus, be ready for those who feel its their calling to 'minister' to you. Being considered a liberal is generally frowned upon.


If you are homosexual, lazy, open-minded, love life and want to enjoy your college experience, do not come to Mississippi College. You will not fit in well here.


Mississippi College is a Christian university that bases their education, and campus rules on Christian morality. Thus, "non-Christians" might feel out of place, or pressured to participate in things that they do not believe in.