Mississippi College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To Alyssa, May 2011— Embarking on any adventure is thrilling, though fully terrifying. Journeying away from home is no different. As you leave for college, do one thing every day that scares you. Step beyond the comfortable and reach out. Reach out to those on the outskirts. Be mindful of those who are lonely and need a friend. Be an initiator of conversation, even when it cost you time. Remember that authentic community is not instantaneous. It often begins with awkwardness. That's okay. I promise it is worth it. Yes, college is about getting an education for the future, but never lose sight of the importance of the present. Even now as I look toward graduate school I have to repeat these same words over and over. People are what matter most. Everyone has a story to tell. Remember always to show grace, be gentle, and demonstrate kindness. With love, Alyssa, January 2015


I would go back and tell my self to do more scholarships. They really do help when you are trying to pay for school. Being lazy doesn't cut it when it comes to paying for school.


I would tell myself to apply for every single scholarship possible. Paying for college can be tough and every bit of money awarded to a graduating senior can go towards tution and books.


Some of those things that seemed so very important; looks, popularity, the groups that you strived so hard to be a part of. They lose much of their luster. Stay focused on the important matters. Most of all laugh at yourself and enjoy family, friends and opportunities that lay before you.


There are several things I would do different if I had the opportunity to do over again. I would first have a plan A and a plan B. It is always good to have a back-up plan if the first doesn’t work. Keep the grade point average (GPA) high, once it dips it is so hard to retrieve it back. Your GPA can make you or break you in terms of getting scholarships. Communicate with professors, they are most often willing to help, if you just ask for it. Schedule and pace yourself with time management. Adhering to a routine will help you accomplish goals on time. Don’t be a procrastinator, once you have an assignment start on it immediately. If you wait until the last minute anything could go wrong, for instance, your computer crashing with all your information you just typed in. Only borrow the money you need when applying for students loans, the money does have to be paid back. Many of these tips will help you have a successful year in college.


I would tell myself to enjoy the little moments and prepare yourself emotionally for what everyone seems to call "the awkward phase" in life. You will be making changes constantly, and they will affect your emotions. Be honest with your friends about your feelings because odds are, they are feeling exactly the same way. Work hard and stay focused, but don't be afraid to take a break and do something you enjoy. Don't ever take a class just to prove that you can pass, take it because you want to or need to take it. Have fun with your major, but don't buy into the lie that a college degree equals a job offer. Research what you want to go into, and be flexible with your life plans. Use your college's resources as far as career help and part-time job listings, it might land you the job of your dreams. Most of all remember, sleep is not everything, but take naps when you get the chance.


If I could prepare myself for the college life, I'd tell myself to treasure the time I have with my family because after getting to college you don't have time to see your family between the studying, rushing and having a little bit of a social life. I'd tell myself to study and when I think I've studied enough, study some more.


If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself "Buckle up and enjoy the ride". College is nothing you could have ever predicted. You are going to meet some amazing and wonderful people. Of course, it is going to be very difficult and a little scary, but you can do it. Live a little, and expand your world. Do not lose sight of your goals. The first semester of college is going to feel like it will never end, but you will survive. You will have to study so much and lose a great deal of sleep, though it will be worth it. I know college is going to stretch you to your limits and beyond, but you will survive. You are going to see the world so differently. Most importantly, you are going to develop an amazing relationship with God and dig even deeper into your faith. So, right now I know you are getting close to graduation, and just cannot wait to get out of high school. Though, just breathe. Life goes by way too quickly. Enjoy the time you have left, because college is an amazing experience that you could have never seen coming.


before entering Mississippi College i needed to be refined, i have became closer to GOD which has brought me peace through out my life at home,school and work. it's really good to know that when you come here you'll be treated equally whether you belive in god or not. it's also nice because there are various programs, and activities you can do to get closer to god, meet more people to help you whether its for Christian views or just trying to plan a better future! The people at this school help when it's time for interviews, they'll walk you through an interview so you'll know what the interviewee expects from you. this school is so vauble because it helps in ways for the present and the future, it really help build you before entering the work/careeer world!!


I have learned you get out of it what you put into it. Education is an investment that you will always have a return on. Showing up for class prepared, meaning books, paper, assignments and brain. Be a particiapant in class, learn to study in groups if you are having a hard time learning the material. Particiapte in organizations and workshops that the school offers. I have learned that Virginia College cares about it students and the only way you can fail is that you don't follow the directions as given to you. They give you the tools and resources to be successful. The staff including Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services and Student Accounts actually care about your well being, they are there when you have questions and don't treat you like a number. I have never attended a school where everything is explained to you until you get it. I love college life I never ever thought College life would be this easy. My advise is to give it all you got, expect a challenge and determine to keep pressing forward. When you stumble , don't give up - Get UP!


Since I have attended this college the most important value I have gotten from this college is a closer relationship with God. I have learned new things and made new friends also.


During my senior year in highschool I thought I had my college career all planned, but due to the stock market and the fact that I have a twin sister that would be going to college at the exact same time, my plan fell apart. Attending community college for a year after I graduated highschool was the best thing that I could have done. I saved money, and was pointed in a direction and sent to a school that better fit my needs. I was able to focus on the general classes required for any degree, and look into my interests and decide on a school that I probably would never have attended directly out of highschool. I now attend Miami University, a school with a great business program, and a great overall reputation. Attending college is an extremely important desicion, and the school that one choses to attend makes or breaks your career. Walking out with a business degree from Miami University I know that I will have access to many job opportunities and be held to a higher standard and I'm glad that attending community college led me to this school.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience including; becoming more independent, finding friends that I'll keep for a lifetime, pushing myself to succeed and finding out what my strengths and weaknesses are. It has been valuable for me to attend college because I want to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and without school that isn't possible. In the future I want to be able to work with children and in a hospital enviroment. I would like for my career to succeed and give my kids in a future a good role model to look up to and I think for that to happen college is neccessary.


I have gotten discipline out of my college experiance. After completeing my freshamn year of college I took some time off to discover what I wanted to do. After two years of thinking, I decided to return to my local community college and transfer to a four year university after that. I have never been good with processes; working for things and waiting to get the results I desire. I had this habit of quitting everything I started if it didn't work out quickly. However, this year at the community college has really taught me the value of setting a goal and working towards it. It has taught me that in order to get where I want to be, I need to not only dream but persist in the day to day steps needed to get where I want to be. I suppose you could say, college has helped me realize, Rome really wasn't built in a day, and my dream career will be no different. Thank you!


College has helped me develop leadership skills. Some of these skills include; time management, critical thinking skills, and teaching skills. I have had a variety of opportunities to work with other students as a toutor at my college. This has helped me devlop teamwork skills. Critical thinking is a common thread through my classes. This has affected my personal life in a contructive manner and will use the critical thinking skills learned in college the rest of my life. The teachers have been valuable mentors to devlop these thinking skills and have pushed me to do my best. It has helped devlop my character and I am stronger for my time at my college.


My college experience has been great, it is preparing me for the real world and I value it so much because the environment is safe and the professors are amazing and at Mississippi College every student will learn.


I have gotten greater insight into who I am as a person. College has helped me find myself and realize what I want to be in life. It has also gave me knowledge that I can apply towards my career and my future.


One of the most important aspects of college is realizing the world for what it is- the growing up that one does during his or her four (or more) years. I have had many experiences while attending my college that have contributed to my knowledge of the world and my maturity. I've learned that while one always needs other people, people are not always dependable. It is important to seek help from others, but you always need a back-up plan. Another important thing I have gleaned from college thus far is the relationships I have built. Because of the professors I have made connections with here, as well as businessmen and people around the community, I've developed many useful references for my resume', and have connections to other places around the nation that will aid me after college.


I would tell myself that first of all, make sure to study. Studying is a big thing in college. Even though you may believe that you are very intelligent, never think that there is no need to study. I was a straight A student and my frist semester of my freshman year, I decided to enjoy college life and not study at all because I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. However, I was highly mistaken. Now I am studying extra hard to pull my GPA up. Another thing is that don't think that everyone is your friend. It is good to have friends, but many are there to take from you instead of giving or helping.


Throughout my college career, I have been pursuing my goal of becoming a multilingual doctor. This has leaded me though many life lessons and challenges that would have been beneficial to know as a high school senior. The four most important pieces of advice I could give to myself would be to always stay focused on my goals, have diligence in my studies, stay prayerful throughout the entire journey and keep balance between academic and social life. As focus is the map to success and prayer is the vehicle; diligence is the gas in the engine. College life is not easy; it has many rigors and distractions that can lead students away from their ultimate goals. However, students who diligently pursuing their goals, while maintaining a strong prayer life often sacrifice the ?fun of the moment? for wise morally sound decisions that will help the student achieve success the long run. Although they maintain focus, it is also important that they make time for friends and personal relaxation. Keeping one?s goal in mind, maintaining diligence, staying active in one?s personal prayer time, and keeping balance in every day life is critical to outcome of a successful college experience.


There are many different that words I would say to myself as a senior to get prepared for college. I have things that happened my senior year that I thank God that I had the opportunity to graduate at the end of my senior year. There are situations in life that you can?t change. Living above and beyond those changes makes you a successful person. These are some of the things that I would inform the senior in high school me about college life and making the transition: time management, multi-tasking, and enjoy the time in college. I would start by informing myself about the importance of time management. When, you don?t have the same class everyday of the week like in high school it is best to find study time, fun time, worship time, and other quality time in a balance to fully function in the classroom settings. The classes are harder and the professors are no walk in the park. I would then talk about learning to multi-task. It is very important on a college campus. Always need a break from studying long hours enjoy time with friends and love ones, while in college.


Life is much more than partying continually. Once you truly see the love of the Father, nothing else matters except him. Fix your eyes on your true love, and get away from the empty cup which makes you thirst continually. Taste the water of life that is only found in Jesus Christ!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself this piece of advice. I would make sure that I knew that the easiest way to meet new people and make the transition to college easier is to get involved. I would be involved in everything that I could. I would tell myself to join a club, a intramural team, or a sorority. There are so many extracurricular activities offered on my campus that anyone can find something that he or she likes.


It is very important to manage your time effectively. You are responsible for your own academic well-being. Do not procrastinate and do not think that classes are going to be as easy as they were in high school.


I would tell myself not to do what my parents had already decided for, and go actually study what I had intended when I graduated from highschool.


Preparing for college is not easy. The decisions made over the next four years can affect the rest of your life. Most high school teachers may prepare us for the academics and what to expect from a professor but rarely what we may encounter in college. It is so important to find out who you are and not who you are in people. No one will know how popular you were in high school. Goals are very important as well because they will be able to keep you in check. Also, learning how to save money is important. After being on your own you will love your family even more, family always comes first. Most likely you will not have the same friends as you did first semester so take it slow and find out the people who are most real to you. Getting plugged into a church should be the first priority because in time you will need God to lean on. College is the next chapter in your life and may be scary at first but it is all what you put into it. College doesn?t owe you so embrace in this time to grow.


Rewinding back to when I was in high school, I had no plan. I would, first, tell myself to get a plan together. Do a little soul searching to find out what your interests are. Once I had an idea on what I wanted to study, then I would weight out my options. I would tell myself not to pick a school based on location or cost, but on its academic programs and job placements after everything was all said and done. Apply for students loans and grants. Don't take 'no' for an answer. Keep applying! Once in school, you've got to study hard and create a good studying system. And stick to it. It is very easy to get side tracked and to push things into another day. Work now, play later! Scholarships are out there for those that want them. Get informed on your options and do the work to get the money. Stay focused on the goal you wish to achieve and ask for help when needed. The college years will be behind you before you know it and you will be successful in whatever you do.


Don't be afraid to make mistakes! College is not just a time to move up a step on the career ladder. It is also a time for figuring out who you are, and it takes some work to get there. Sign up for that pottery class, ask a professor if you can do independent research, take that last minute road trip across the country. After college, it becomes much more challenging to have those experiences, so take advantage of it! Also, don't worry so much about what your friends are doing. Believe me, in a year or two, you won't even recognize most of them. This is YOUR life. Have respect for yourself, and for your interests. If you like math, but aren't the best in the class, that's okay. There will ALWAYS be someone who is better than you, just like there is always someone who struggles more than you. Don't compete with anyone but yourself. My final piece of advice is to enjoy the ride! You're about to have the time of your life.


I would give myself the advice of studying sooner. When I was in highschool , I could procrastinate until the day before to study, however, that it definately not possible in college. Procrastanating can put you in stressful situations that are easily prevented , if you prepare sooner. I would also give myself the advice to begin to save money. College is expensive and loans are definately going to catch up with me once I graduate. Saving can help you through the tough financial times. Being a student worker is the toughest opstacle that I have right now. Managing nursing school and working is definately a challenge. However, if that's your only choice then what more can you do? Apply for scholarships in high school. This is another piece of advice that I would give myself. I wish that I applied for more scholarships, everyone that was available. You do not understand the true feeling of stressing over paying for college until you get there.


I would tell myself to use my time wisely. I would advise myself to study harder and to make sure all assignments were completed to the best of my ability. My biggest regret is that I have not worked to my fullest potential during my college career.


Make sure you take more advanced courses.


I would let myself know that college is a huge adjustment. It is hard to know how to go about life living away from home. I would tell myself that I will miss my mom like crazy, but after the first semester, it will get better. I would tell myself that people are going to be so much more at the speed that I was at and that friends are going to be incredibly easy to make. I would tell myself that eventually, Mississippi College will grow so much on me that it is an easy place to call home. I would tell myself to rush and get involved- it will bring me closer to other people and different types of people that I have never come across. I would tell myself to room with as many people as possible to see what it is like. I would tell myself to not worry, that college life is absolutely fantastic.


I would tell the parents to make sure that you are financially able to afford the school. If your child have to worry about money during school year, it will affect their grades. Also, students allow yourself to step out of your shell, meet new people, and do things you wouldn't normally do (good things)but don't forget who you are at the same time. This determines whether or not your years at the school will be a great or bad experience. Students have fun because college is the next step to the real world.


When choosing a college, do not limit the choices--make everything a possibility. I never would have chosen the college I am at now if I had done that. Keep an open mind, and expect your opinions to be changed. Also, stay on campus for a weekend. It's good to see how dorm life is like before you make the huge decision of moving there. Because learning is the purpose of college, you need to realize what influences how well you do academically--sleeping and eating conditions are a major influencer in that. Those situations make your life conducive (or unconducive) to studying. Lastly, have fun in deciding!


Go with the gut feeling. Price does not matter. It is your comfortability that really counts in the end. Pray about the situation. Be led by your heart.


Make sure you have thouroughly thought about where you want to go and make sure you know whether or not you fit in with the people and the atmosphere there. Know whether or not you would want a bigger or smaller population with lots of extra curricular activities. Also be aware of the percentage of students who are involved in fraternities/sororities and other social groups and whether you can afford financially to be involved in those as well.


Visit Arround, Go where you feel like it is a good fit for you


The best advise about picking the right college is to research. Know what you want from a college. Do you want a colllege close to home or on the opposite coast? After this question is answered begin searching. Find colleges that are praised in the field of study your choosing and then narrow down these descions by where you would rather live. Next, go visit the college on a previewday, a guided tour, and have a special meeting with a recruiter. While on campus find students to talk with and ask every question that comes to mind. A regular student will be more honest about the campus than the recruiters or the college website. Then once you have been to all of your choices, follow your heart to the one that where you think you would be most comfortable. As for making the most of the college experience, simply live your life. Become involved in as many clubs and organizations as possible. Make studying your top priority, but remember these are the last years to be somewhat care free. So, enjoy these four or five years by making friends and unforgetable memories.


If you are looking for a true college experience as an adult. This may not be a good college for you.


Research and visit the campus before attending


When looking for the right college, start early! You can cover so many more schools by starting early and are much more likely to pick the school where you fit. Visit schools and see the atmosphere of the campus. Once in college, try new things. You don't have to compromise your morals, but talk to someone different or take a random class that has nothing to do with your major; you just may make a friend and find a new hobby. College is a transition time between high school and grown up life; make the most of it!


Make sure that your child is comfortable and that it is a safe environment and most important pray about it:)


Students: Future college students should really put some research into the college they want to attend and earn their degree from. The research will really help you gain an insight to the campus and the college atmosphere. Also make a visit to the campuses to gain some input from students that are attending the school and meet some of the professors. Join and be active in groups on campus; it will help you make friends and also look good on the resume' to future businesses. Parents: Make sure you sign up for the best student loan services and encourage your student to be active in the community and apply for scholarshipsStay in check with the student but don't over do it or they will never come home.


I believe that selecting the right college is crucial. You must make sure that you visit the campus you are considering beforehand, maybe by staying with a friend or just visiting. This way you can see the social aspect of the college and if you like the idea of what goes on there. Also, I believe that you should talk to many different people about their own personal experiences there, if they enjoy their classes, how well/interesting are the professors, if they could go back would they still attend that school, what are the social aspects of this school etc. etc. etc. When you talk to multiple people, you can find out the true essence of a school. If you do not know many people at this school, you could even "facebook" people to get answers to the questions you want to ask. Hands-on research is a great way to decide which school is best for you. Make the best of your college experience by trying to meet as many people as you can and being open to all different kinds of people. Go out, have fun but truly try to educate yourself in the process.


Go where you want to go, make it happen. The money to pay for it is out there you just have to find it. t


Choosing a college is one of the most daunting and most important decisions you will make, but don't let it overwhelm you. Start narrowing down schools by listing those you're interested in and look to see what programs they have available. If you're undecided, having options is important so you don't have to bother with transferring later. Apply early, so you have time needed to visit the campuses as well as the most access to scholarships and financial aid. Being able to finance school is a necessity, but don't base your decision solely on cost. Find out what student life is like on campus, ask about housing, social organizations, and academic clubs. Ask admissions representatives if you can speak with current students and talk to professors in the departments you're interested in. Make an effort to get involved and meet people once you start school. Chances are there is an organization or club that would fit your interests, and if theres not, start one. Many professors would be glad to sponsor a new organization that interests them. Most importantly, choose a school that fits you, don't force yourself to fit the school.


The choice of which college to attend is very important because the quality of the education you get directly affects the furthering of your career and which graduate schools you are accepted to.


Look for the one that gives you what you need for your major and the one that fits you the most. Some people like the large campus and some like them smaller. So just make sure you chose the one the right for your personality.


Seek the Lord & He will guide you! :)


Finding the right college and making the most of your college experience go hand in hand. You will most enjoy yourself in a place where you can get connected easily, feel taken care of by administration and staff, and can find people just like you. College is all about new experiences and a well-rounded education, including meeting people from all over the world and every different background imaginable, but if you don't find people you can connect to you will not feel truly at home. This can include people of the same mindset academically, athletically, politically, religiosly, etc., or who share the same interests outside of school--backpacking, music, partying, etc. Most importantly, you want an environment geared toward academic achievement, but I strongly believe people strive to do their best in an environment where they most enjoy themselves in other areas such as their social life just as long as they can prevent themselves from getting carried away. One last thing: find a place that offers study abroad programs, it is an invaluable experience. Find a place where you can get plugged in and feel at home and college will the best years of your life!