Mississippi College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I do not believe anything here frustrates me. The rules are simple, the classes are interesting, and the people are very friendly.


Every school has their highs and lows. Frustrations can be anywhere but it?s our response in how we deal with it that counts. My frustrations are not so much the schools fault but more of a personal issue. It?s hard to enjoy time in college and make friends if money is low on the totem pole. So many thoughts and concerns can come between studies, happiness, relationships. My point is that it?s not MC's fault that my frustrations lie with money but more or so that it?s holding me back from enjoying my time here.


The most frustrating thing is that everyone belongs to a some group and it makes it hard for an introvert, like me, to break out of their shell.


The prejudice that is presented everywhere and that there is not depth and everyone seems the same.


Parking for off-campus students.


Lack of extracuricular activities. You got to be in a tribe or social club to be included in anything.


Parking and food or the two things that come to mind when speaking of the frustrating things about Mississippi College.