Mississippi College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The average class size is 15 students to every professor, allowing for an individualized plan of education and tremendous help from the faculty. Mississippi College does a great job fostering authentic community.


Small family atmosphere, campus size easy to navigate.


I think that the best thing about Mississippi College is that it truly does feel like a family on campus. The class size is small, the professors are friendly and accessible, and people know you by name. It is easy to get lost on a big campus and the community of MC is its best quality.


I consider the religious values that my school puts in too place to be the bes thing. Prayer is an open topic and you are able to receive spiritual guidance when needed.


The best thing about my school is its atmosphere. It is a smaller college, which allows for a more intimate atmosphere between students and faculty.


The best thing to me is the people. I know that is a little strange, but the people of Mississippi College are extremely friendly. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is loved and accepted as well as taken care of. Social life is very important to me, and Mississippi College is a grand place to make social connections.


The teachers know the subjects they teach and most are doctors in thier field. If a teacher does not know the answer he or she will do his or her best to search with the student for the answer.


It promotes the educational environment.


The Quad in the middle of the campus is amazing. It is a peaceful place to hangout and relax with friends or play games with other people. It is like a park in the middle of campus everyone goes there to do homework or study during the nice spring afternoons.


The campus is small enough to feel like home but it still has very high standards for as it's academics. Your getting the best of both.


the people. simply because the school brings a variety of different people from different backgrounds & different beliefs. i love the diversity.


I am involved in Civitan Service Club. It is very similar to a fraternity including swaps, brotherhoods, and socials but we do not have a house. I believe we have a stronger brotherhood than most fraternities, and we go through an intense rush process, yet we have a dry rush and nothing we do revolves around the consumption of alcohol. Our rush is based on Christian principles and we have regular Bible studies and devotions. We also do all kinds of service projects around the community. My brothers will do anything for me at any time.


The best thing about Mississippi College would have to be the small class rooms, availability of professors, and everyone is really friendly.


The best thing about Mississippi College is the caring atmosphere. Everyone from the president to the cleaning people seem to care about the school and take pride in keeping it one of the best in the South. The professors seem to really care about teaching you the material so that you can suceed in life. Mississippi College is a Southern Baptist College, I feel that our belief in Jesus Christ makes this College what it is today. MC has a long history of success and I believe that comes because of our beliefs in the one true God!