Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing at my school, in my opinon, is all of the students who attend it and believe it will be as easy as high school. It is easy to fail, and when you do, the teachers just move on. They typically do not help students unless their students help them, which is justifiable.


The worst thing about Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is the lack of assistance the financial aid office has given in finding scholarships.


Worst thing about my school is that there aren't any vents in the bathrooms so mold can form pretty easily on the ceilings


The thing I consider to be the worst about my school is the amount of money having to be spent on different areas such as the meal plan and the dorms. Last year, there was 2 meal plans to choose from (5-day and 7-day) which was convienent for everyone. This year, there is only the 7-day meal plan which is a waste of money for so many people. Also, all the female dorms (and maybe even the male dorms) are the same price and only the newer dorms have appliances provided.