Mississippi University for Women Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think that the Culinary Institute here at MUW is the best in the South. We have had graduates to go be apart of culinary competitions on television such as The Next Food Network Star, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Hotel Hell. We have also had students who had internships with famous chefs like Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsey. If that doesn't show how well we are doing, I'm not sure what does!


Our traditions! We have welcome week activies that are unique to our campus, just like our social clubs. While we do have a few sororities, we have social clubs, too; they are like sororities, in that they are a group of girls with common interests, but we do not live in a house together and we are unique to the MUW campus. Getting involved in a social club was one of the best decisions I made her. I have made friends that will be in my wedding and that I will still talk to when I'm old.


My school is best known for the nursing school and social clubs that it offers.


My school is best known for good education. Every one that comes to this school is always able to get a job afterward. The education that is receved from the school is efficient and helpful. There is always a job opening for a person graduating from my school.


Their nursing program and its history being the first public women's college in the state.