Missouri Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who wants to better them selves by surrounding yourself with a positive environment full of great professors, administrators, and other fellow students. They are truly concerned about your future and want you to be successful. The instructors are personal in their teachings which is important to me and why I chose Missouri Baptist University.


Someone who wants a Christian based education and wants to go to a small school.


Someone who can easily make friends, sure of their beliefs.


A student who is interested in seeing God grow their faith and expand in the Christian environment, granted not everyone who come to MoBap is a Christian but the news about Jesus is evident. Also student who academically responsible and enjoys a effective student environment. The staff wants to see the student succeed in all areas of life as well as older and former students. One who is interested in sports and seeking a great athletic program should look towards Mobap as well.