Missouri Baptist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


i think the intergration of the christian faith in the classsroom is awesome. i want to be able to have a career and know how to integrate this into it. i feel that they make this possible.


The friendships made through athletics. I came to MBU not knowing anyone on campus and soon became an accepted member of the lacrosse team I was recruited to play for.


I think the best thing about my school is the faith-base background. I chooose that becuase I come from a christain background and I like that I can go to school and still stay in tune with God and be able to learn about him even when i cant make it to church. I also like how we got capel ever week so I get to get the word in during the week.


Most people that know me would think my answer to this question would be the athletic programs. While that is one of my reasons for choosing Missouri Baptist University, it is not the only reason. MO Bap. was one of the few schools that offered the degree I want to obtain. I looked all over for something that would incorporate my basket ball, wanting to be a physical trainer and eventually a coach. This institution offered the classes I need to get where I want to be in life.


Everyone is very friendly and ready to give a helping hand whenever it is needed. Every teacher I have encountered has been very accomodating with private issues (family troubles, work, etc.) and would do anything in their power to help resolve them. Also, there is a strong Christian base so the people around me help me stick to my morals and help shape me into the person that I want to /should be.


The professors are very helpful


The overall environment of the student body and the academics because it makes it my kind of school.