Missouri Southern State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is known for their international studies. During the fall semesters they always focus on a particular foreign country with classes, lectures. It is a relatively safe campus and the buildings are modern in most cases and well maintained in all cases. The textbook rental program at MSSU can save a student thousands of dollars in the course of pursuing a bachelor's degree. MSSU is a small enough school that you can create opportunities for yourself when it comes to extracurricular activities and clubs, and getting an internships is easy


I think my school is best known for it's nursing program. At least, I would say that in my area I hear that talked about more than anything else when people talk about MoSo


MSSU is definitely best known around the area for its relatively cheap tuition. Being the only four-year university in the Joplin area certainly helps, but it seems to be a fairly accessible school for most students.


I would have to say out nursing school. Which is great because that means there are a lot of girls on campus. The Atmostphere on campus is good.


Missouri Southern is best known for mainly education. They strive on helping the average student to achieve an unaverage education. Even in all the campus extra activites that students participate in. Missouri Southern realizes that especially in the midwest you will not truley succeed without an education. Having and education can get you further in this town than working in the same job you have had since high school. just Hoping that someday you could move up in the company line. This subject is something that me as a student am most proud of in this economy.


Our school is best known for international studies and studying abroad.


The university's Criminal Justice department is very well known. It is a very inexpensive school. It is also mostly a commuter school.


International Experiences.


My school is best known for being cheap and a last resort for local kids.