Missouri Southern State University Top Questions

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My school is very diverse, but all the students are still pretty close. Thanks to Southern, there are more unique school activities than just the typical games, lectures, concerts, etc. Having entire weeks dedicated to international studies, personal health, drug/alcohol awareness, and other such activities help bring all of us students together to have fun and learn about issues that affect every single one of us. It is extremely nice that we have professors who are easy to relate to and who understand that we, as students, have to balance school, work, family, and a social life.


The mix of students from every walk of life and every corner of the earth makes Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) the school of choice. When you add the foregoing along with the professional, experienced and dedicated staff, there is without a doubt the excellence and quality that one would want. Missouri Southern State University is the best!


Others schools tend to have a lot more drinking and drug use. Missouri Southern isn't all about the social aspects and has more focus on the actual schoolwork and on the student's future career.


At MSSU, the professor's have more interest in helping students graduate from school and getting a good career than writing research reports or journals. Publishing materials is not their main objective, furthering the student as a whole is why they teach at Missouri Southern.


They offer the option to rent textbooks rather than buy them.