Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for the cheap tuition that it has to offer, and everyone loves my school.


Missouri State University is known is best known for its basketball team. The bears have had very successful seasons in the past and the arena is often full of fans as we have an impressive amount of school spirit here.


Missouri State is known for it's public afairs mission- the goals is to have all students learn from the diverse culture for the school is diverse in several ways.


It's wide varity of degrees.


Missouri State University is committed to a Public Affairs mission, meant to help not only the community of Springfield, but people all over the world.


I would say it's baseball team and Business degree programs.


Missouri State is known its wonderful band and gospel choir. The people on the Springfield, Missouri campus is friendly and helpful. The staff is willing to go the extra miles to help find any way to make the transition easier. Missouri State is a wonderful campus with a great History.


A great education in a beautifully growing city, where hard work reaps rewards.


My school is best known for our award-winning marching band, hockey team, and our unique Public Affairs concentration. As part of that philosophy, we focus on environmentally sound options, as well as improving cultural awareness and community involvement, including volunteer opportunities.


Missouri State University is a large college with a small-town atmosphere. It was originally a teacher's college and it still graduates many education-related majors.


I believe my school is best known for its all male acapella group, The Beartones


While I believe that the University of New Hampshire is primarily known for the excessive partying and drinking conducted by the students, I feel that it is also well known for being a school that provides a wide spectrum of courses and majors to allow students a chance to find their calling. Entering college, I knew I had an interest in writing and literary study, and the diverse courses helped me to finally decide to pursue a teaching career in English. The faculty and staff are also well known for being knowledgeable in their fields of study.


My school is best known for it's dedication to the arts, specializing in fine arts.


The school is a public institution, but seems to operate like a private one. One thing I have to say about this school is that there was way too much religious influence. MSU is located in Springfield, which is on the Bible Belt. I felt like religion, specifically Christianity, was brought into the classroom a bit too much. Many of the Christian holidays were honored, while those of the minority religions were not. Furthermore, this bias led to little to no diversity on the campus. Most of the students are white/middle class from rural areas.


Missouri State is best known for, I would say, their Teaching programs. I first came here wantint to be a teacher and they definitely have a variety of classes to choose from and majors to choose from.


I would say our school is really well known for its business program, art program and our pride band.


Im not really sure but i would say changing the schools name so many times!


My school is best known for two majors, both in the nursing field and also in the education field.


not sure


Encouraging a diverse population


The theatre department is wonderful. There is always a production in progress and getting involved is worthwhile. The faculty of the department are a wonderful asset to it and will encourage you to get involved--and they'll help you get involved too.


Music and Theatre


International student.


Business, and Graphic design


People come here to party. This place is run by the Greeks, the Liberals, and anyone other than educationally-based, religious learners.