Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

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Missouri State University is the only school, after an exhaustive country-wide search of four-year schools, that offer a Bachelor's program in Professional Writing that is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} online and 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} as valuable as a campus education, that also fits my needs and desires perfectly, so for me MSU is very uniquely qualified to provide what I need for my desired professional goals.


I loved that the MSU campus was smaller and more of a community feel. Other schools in Missouri were too big and didn't feel like they would have the more one-on-one attention from the teachers. I was also involved in the Pride Marching Band so going to college a week early for band camp, I instantly had 400 new friends. These band members and directors helped shape my life as I knew I could go to any of them for any help I needed.


This school had a better program for video/film seeking students than my last college. Also, the campus is flat which makes it easy for riding around on your bike! It also has a gorgeous fountain in fron of the library! Another plus is that it's not as expensive as other schools!


Missouri State University College of Business Administration offered a degree progrm in Business Education, which many other universities didn't.


I began my education in West Plain at a smaller campus. That was a great way to prepare me for the huge SPringfield campus. I was able to enroll in ITV courses and online courses to complete some of my classes on line which I really enjoyed. My college was close to home so I was able to commute and live with my parents enabling me to save money and pay off my student loans in less than a year.




Missouri State University's Nursing Program offers an academic standard that no other program in the area can boast. Graduates of their program are not only prepared for a rewarding career as a registered nurse, but are better prepared as American citizens to contribute to society. Graduates of this program are highly sought after for the professionalism, training, community involvement and compassion that MSU ingrained in them. There is no better Nursing Program in Missouri than that offered by Missouri State University.


Missouri State University is one of the only public institutions in the nation that has committed itself to a Public Affairs Mission. Public Affairs means being an active part in community involvement , cultural competence, and ethical leadership. With a Public Affairs class required for all students and a different public affairs mission each year, this attitude gives strong direction and world engagement for MSU students.


Its unique in the fact of location. Its right smack in the middle of Springfield. It takes no time to get to either quadrant of the city.


Missouri State University has a very beautiful, warming, campus. This school is also located closest to my home town and offers more degree programs than the others I looked at such as the degree, Cell and Molecular Biology.


Due to the large size of the University of New Hampshire, it's incredibly easy to find individuals who share common interests and goals. I had considered Southern New Hampshire University, yet I felt the student size was far too small. Already I've met and collaborated with several students through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs to promote diversity and acceptance throughout the campus (with my efforts focused on LGBTQ+ issues). The university also has some of the best diversity support groups I've seen on any campus.


The unique thing about MIssouri State University is there is a program or option for every student attending to have an affordable education as well as assistance in any course taken. This school also reaches out to all enrolled students as well as alumni to shape our school into a community no matter your race, religion, background, sexual orientation we are open to all without discrimination. We don't just say we do bring our mission statement to life.


For me Missouri State was so attractive because of the location. Springfield, Missouri, has many of the aspects of a big city, with a small-town type of feel. Since I was from a smaller town that made it attractive. Also, being a fine arts based major, the school became very attractive compared to others because of the quality of the art programs offered here. Finally the fact that it is a public institution that offers a wide variety of financial aid, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to go there.


It's in a great city and has an amazing campus. Additionally, the campus is really well organized and easy to get around.


Missouri State is much cheaper than other universities around and has much more to offer as for academics. I was at a community college before and it was more cost effective but didn't have quite enough to offer. The diversity is unlike anything I have seen at other schools. It is really amazing as for this area as well.


I think the unique thing about MSU is the variety of degree programs; there are many choices of majors and many ways to use each of them. Also, there is a lot more opportunity to get to know other students. There is always something going on here on the MSU campus, whether it be a speaker on various cultural or social issues, intermural sports, campus-wide organizational activities, or other special events.


Everything is very compact. All of the buildings are very close together, which is very convenient when living on campus.


fashion program and apartment housing are great!


The campus is very compact and its a beautiful university with good transportation.