Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe my school puts a lot of emphasis on people who are in sports or greek life. I also think that many people judge others for being in greek life.


Keep asking the same question to many different people. You will get all the answers you seek.


I think, I cannot tell the worst thing in my school. Because there is no the worse thing. Everything are designed are really good and smart. And knowledge is provided sufficiently. The only thing that i can say, the campus is overcrowded. There are more than 23 thousand students in Missouri State University. When you want to have a luch in Student Union you have to wait for a long time in line, and sometimes can be late on your class.


The worst thing is that when it rains there is very poor drainage, so puddles are like swimming pools. It is suggested that you buy rain boots today, before it is too late.


For my major, the number of general education requirements hinder students from being focused and often fail to preapre art majors for their chosen field. For the Graphic Design department, I think more courses could be included to better prepare students and to expose students to a wider variety of tools to adeqautely prepare them for Graphic Design industry. Because this field is so competitive, it's important to be well-equipped in all facets of the industry and although MSU is a good school, it could do a better job at preparing its art students.


The worst thing about the school is its location. While Springfield is a nice town, it tends to have rather conservative views. The campus itself is full of people from all walks of life so this is rarely a problem.


The school that I am attending doesn't really have any thing wrong with it.


Lack of diversity


The worst thing about the school is the great differences between the options in the cafeterias from one week to the next. One week the food is really really great. The next, not so much. I mean, the food is great in general, but you can never really expect the quality to be consistent. Also, the schedule that the catering company posts online is rarely updated to the appropriate week.


I consider the way the money is spent on certain things the worst part about our school. I heard that the police officers got new scooters for 30,000 dollars each when they have bicycles they can use and that money can be used for us to have a new book renting system or something. Having to buy books every semester is so Expensive thats another problem that I have.


The worst thing about my school would be the school spirit. It lacks majorly throughout campus and should not for the size of my university.


Missouri State University is in a small town, Springfield, which is only about 150,000. Since we are in Midwest , we are looked at as a "hick" town that is not as "socially acceptable" as universities that are in larger cities.


The worst thing about Missouri State University, in my opinion, is its General Education requirement. Students are required to select from a narrow list of classes in four separate categories that appear to be intended to help the student learn more about himself/herself. As an older student, however, I see the General Education requirement as a means to increase university funds. For example, all students are required to take PED 100, which is an exercise class. I believe I should have the right to elect NOT to exercise, so long as my major doesn't requre it.


The unorganization. I've had more than one professor who kept changing due dates for essays drastically as well as being paired with roommates that I have absolutely no common interests with even though I took a survey about what kind of roommates I would like


It's honestly hard to say what the worst thing about Missouri State is, but for the sake of the question i'd have to say it's their parking. It's so hard to find a parking spot open when you need one. So, it would be nice if Missouri State had more parking for its students.


I feel that I have no connection to the school pride. Many of my friends have told me that if you are not in a sorority or attend sporting events than you are not connected with the heart of the school.


The worst thing about Missouri State University is that it is very difficult to get your degree in four years. It normally takes about five years to get a normal four year degree. It is very hard to graduate on time because of all the requirements a student is expected to have before they can go onto their careers.


I feel that my school needs a little more diversity.


It is a rather large school so it doens't seem as intimate as some schools.


I can't always get the class times that I want


The worst thing about my school is the lack of parking. While there are many spots to choose from, sometimes, during school events there is simply not enough parking to accommodate everyone.


I don't like that MSU has so many required courses. Some of my other friends go to schools where there are no gen-ed class requirements, which makes a lot of sense to me becuase then they are able to focus more time on their major and minor. I also wish that Springfield were a slightly larger city so the college could attract more bands to play concerts.


The school lacks diviersity. Around 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of all students are white. The school does try to make effort to enhance that. Many scholarships are offered to non-white students. Furthemore, the school does offer many study abroad programs. Considering the area of the country it is unsurprising that many non-white students choose not to go here, however I would feel less like an alien if the school was more diverse.


When I first started at my school I felt very lost and like a number. I would like to see Missouri State do more for their transfer students to ease the pressures of starting at a new university. They do a lot for the freshman students but not as much for those who have transfered in. I have come to know my way around now and feel more comfortable and I owe this to the teachers and other students.


The fact that it is so negative about anything related to alcohol just because it makes it more of a stigma than anything else.


There is nothing bad about this school.


There is really nothing bad about this school other than maybe the food in the dining halls.


The worst thing about my school is the prevalance of alcohol being consumed by minors at parties.


part-time hired teachers who are terrible


The Administration is bullied by investers who all they want it another building with their name on it. Missouri State is in the prossess of building a nes sprots complex, not to replace the old one but ti have another one. All this for teams that are not very good. There is an investor in the school that gives money for projects he can have his name on and not what the school needs. The administrations baows down to the people with the money, and makes the students pay for it.


The worst thing about MSU is that there is so much to do that one person can never do it all. In a way, this is both a negative and a positive.


One of the worst things at my school is the parking available. The school just recently changed their name from Southwest Missouri State University to Missouri State University, and with this I believe it has attracted a lot more students. The parking though has not increased. Therefore finding a parking spot if you live off campus here can sometimes be quite difficult.


I believe the worst thing about Missouri State is that a lot of attention is put on sororities and fraternities. As a young woman who has no intention of joining a sorority, I feel slightly out of place. However, I do have many friends who are in sororities and fraternities.