Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Im really not aware of a specific stereotype for students at MSU.


The typical stereotype would be the incoming students fresh out high school. They are all races, all sexes and all ages.


At Missouri State University, there are a few different stereotypes around the campus, as is the case for almost any campus out there. These common stereotypes include things like jocks and, of course, frat boys and girls in Greek life. But one stereotype that isn't present on every campus is the stereotype surrounding a student body that includes those from the Midwest. Stereotypes about country students with small town lifestyles. But in my opinion, these stereotypes are not accurate. Of course, there are some students on the campus who fit the stereotypes to a T. But this is not the case overall. Missouri State's student body is extremely diverse when it comes to things like ethnic backgrounds but also when it comes to lifestyles and cultures. Missouri State may be a smaller university by some means, but it is not small or predictable at all when it comes to the cultures that make up the student body.


The stereotypes that are associated with my college are "party kids" and athletes. While are school is involved with a lot of athletics, a large amount of students here are not. As for the party-goers, they are at every school. A reason our school might be called a "party school" is for the fact that a majority of the Greek life lives right across the road from some of the major dormitories. The fraternity and sorority houses do tend to through parties some weekends, but our school as a whole shouldn't necessarily be considered a party school for this matter. Like the athletes, there are plenty of students who completely avoid that group. it's all about who you make friends with! :)


Overall, I don't think Missouri State has a definite stereotype. However, you will see all types of people on campus. There's a lot of long boarders. Of course there's the athletes. I, personally, am in the Department of Agriculture so I notice they "country" people. You just have to be prepared for anything because you never know exactly what you're going to see.