Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People should attend Missouri State University if they are willing to accept the diversity that there is on campus and are dedicated to learning in their respective fields.


This is a great school for all different types of students. It appeals to all and accepts all.


Anyone who wants a good education should attend this school. The large student population means that they offer almost any basic major, and if they don't have the one you want, you can make your own. If you like to feel like a part of the campus community, this would also be the school for you.


I honestly believe that this school has something to offer to any student. I don't recommend attending if you are not serious about your school work because just like every other college it takes effort. It has a wide range of programs and I would recommend it to anyone that asks!


Missouri State University is the perfect school for someone who is looking for a place to grow and prosper as an indivual. The opportunities offered here at Missouri State range from Greek life to leadership organizations. The schools campus is beautiful and accepting. The students greet every new face with open arms. It is the place to be.


The person would have to know how to get out of their shell and talk to people. Don't go for what is familiar to you, go for the new faces. Know how to discipline yourself, you will meet a lot of great people here but you have to know when fun time is over and it is time to hit the books.


Someone who wants to be able to do a little bit of everything. There are social groups intermixed with sports. You find all kinds of people doing everything.


A person who is looking for a lot of school spirit, someone who is looking for new experiences and different learning opportunities.


The kind of person that should attend Missouri State University should be someone who is eagar to learn, likes a challenge with self as well as in their environment. Someone who has a dream and needs strategic assistance. If you are handicap or have a disability your voice will be heard along with equal opportunity to education. If you see yourself as different and would like to have a affordable education you should attend Missouri State University.


Anybody. Missouri State is a really diverse school offering a lot of programs that have good and experienced professors. There are so many different degrees to choose from everybody can find something for them. If you live on campus the campus life office always has a lot of different activities for the students to take part in, not to metion the numerous clubs and other organizations on campus you can get infoled in. You can do everything from internships, to sports groups, to religious groups while you're getting your degree.


Someone who doesn't like sports, school spirit, or excitement.


Anyone who is interested in pursuing a degree who also needs an affordable place to do it.


People who enjoy a fast-paced, career-oriented, friendly environment.


Anyone! The campus and the people sold it for me. I fell in love at my campus visit.




Missouri State is a perfect school for those looking for a fun, exciting, and educational college experience. Their are many clubs to give you a jump start on your career, become involved with the community, and fun activities. Springfield is a small enough area that it is not crowded, but big enough to have all the stores and activies you could want. It is a great place for those who are undecided as well as those who know their career path because their couselors are very helpful and educated.


A person who is looking for an education on a budget should attend the school. MSU is pretty good about awarding financial aid if it is merited,. Sometimes, even if it's not. Still, if no money is awarded, the school is a steal...fairly cheap.


There is no one particular type of person that would fit in at MSU.


The school is large enough to have a spot for everyone. The are a lot of extra-curriculars that can fit a wide variety of people you just have to be willing to put forth the effort.


Fun loving outgoing, person that is not afraid to meet new people and have a great learning experience.


A laid back but focused person.


This school is very Greek based, but even students like me who are not involved in groups like that have a lot of opportunities to get involved in many different organizations and there are lots of opportunities to get involved. There are a lot of opportunities based on academics also. Many different services and helpful professor to be sure all your questions are answered.


Anyone who wants to get a great education.