Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who doesnt like big schools shouldnt atend this school. A person who doesnt want to get involved in organizations shouldnt consider this school. I think everyone should go to this school, it is a great school anyone would love it.


This school is good for any type of person.


A person that lacks direction, self-confidence and organizational skills would not do well at this university.


I think that anyone wishing for a quality education for a comperable price should consider MSU.


Those who get homesick very easy since most students are from Kansas City or St. Louis which is a good 3 1/2 hour drive and for those who 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} do not like the city life. Springfield is the largest city south of St. Louis so it is just street after street and can get a little overwhelming.


If you're the kind of person that doesn't like buying parking permits you should be warned that it's hard to find a parking space that's not required to have a permit. I am one of those people and it is very difficult.


I'd advise anyone to go to this school. It is really a great school, and the staff is amazing. It just happens that MSU is not the place for me , so other than that, it is a great school. I would reccomend MSU to anyone, especially if you are really involved in agriculture (has the best ag department in the state-- not too big and not too small).


A person who doesn't want to receive an excellent education. MSU is for EVERYONE.


There is not really any type of person who should not attend this school. Missouri State offers such a wide variety of clubs that everyone can find their own spot at school.


Everyone belongs here at Missouri State. There is not one person that doesn't belong here. There are so many organizations to get involved in that each student can find their place. Involvement is important because that's where students really come out of their shell and get to lead and be themselves.


Any person who does not really care about their education should not come to this school. The teachers make you work hard and give you great advice for getting into the work and field. If you put the effort into your classes you'll come out of them so much better off than you were at the beginning of the semester with life lessons under your belt.


A person who is not academically strong or ready. As well as people who has never experienced being aroundother cultures or races.


Someone who is looking for a school where attending classes is unnecessary should avoid this school. Also, anyone who wants to only the highest academically inclined students should consider other options.


It's hard to say that nobody should come here to Missouri State University. They offer so many majors and programs, which is the reason I decided to apply. I suppose those students looking for a very specific major, who can spend a lot of money on any school they wanted shouldn't attend, because Missouri State looks to allow anyone looking for an education. Not just the incredibly intelligent and sophisticated, but anyone who can meet their requirements and have a strong desire for a brighter future.


Anyone should be allowed to attend


A person who is not willing to participate or focus on schoolwork should not attend.


A person who really does not care about their future, goals in life, and education should not attend this school.


I think anyone who is willing to make an effort to get involved on campus would be successful at MSU. There's plenty of things to get involved in, for people with any types of interests. If you don't really want to get involved on campus, it might not be a good school for you. There are a lot of people at MSU, and it takes effort to get to know people.


Someone who doesn't like sports is left out of most of the large events and groups. Someone who is not hard core academic is left out of the rest of the events. Basically, if you aren't popular or very very smart there is no social place for you. Average people with average commitments fall through the cracks because they are determined to be boring with nothing new to offer.


My answer to this question would be that anyone who hungers for higher education would benefit from attending Missouri State University. The campus conveys a very welcoming environment to all who step foot on it. Staff, faculty advisors, and professors are engaged, friendly, and take an active role in each student's success. Diversity is embraced and there is a real sense of community and camaraderie. So, I would say the only student who shouldn't attend Missouri State is one who is not willing to strive towards his/her own collegiate success.


People who don't like to live in a big city, or who prefer not to live in the middle of the city.


A student who dislikes public colleges. Or a student that just wants classes and doesn't want to get involved in campus activities. MSU is a really hard campus not to get involved in.


There is alot of diversity, so almost every kind of person can find people they are comfortable with!


Students who are overwhelmed very easily by large student bodies should not go here. This is the second largest college in Missouri and has over 20,000 people. Secondly, if one like to drink then they should not go here. This is a dry campus and has been for a very long time. Beside those things I can not think of any reason not to come here.


Who is too into themselves and isn't humble.


People who are non-white, progressive, and interested in the humanities.


one that is not ready to learn and completly commit to the college expirence. Being adaptable to many situations and having an open mind are very important at MSU.


Someone who has a problem with teachers and administration that is disorganized


Someone who expects very small classes with lots of one on one time with professors. Someone who has a very narrow mind. Anyone could attend this school.


Individuals who put their social life first.


A sheltered person that has a hard time communicating with new people.


someone who doesn't like to have fun, learn and be acive.


someone who is going to slack off and not do anything but party and mess around


Anyone can attend this school to get a great college experience. There are a variety of people that attend the school, great teachers and many activities that one can get involved in.


if you are super serious about fashion and have the money you would not go here.


If you want a school that has all classed with only about 30 people, this isn't the school for you. Missouri State offers some small classes, but many are large. If you don't like being away from home and you live over 3 hours away, I would recommend that you go to a school that is closer to home.


Anyone who wants to go to a well rounded school.