Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to stress out so much. College is not as hard as it seems as long as you try to find things to keep you busy. Homework is not excessive like on t.v., but work is still required to get all of the grades that you want. It might be hard sometimes, but sleep will never be taken away. It's going to be fun and people want to help and make you feel like you are not alone.


I've borrowed Marty McFly’s DeLorean to go Back to the Past on a mission to 1991 to open the eyes of my high-school-senior-self to better grasp the big picture through the small picture blue-tinted contact lenses she pops in each day. I have one minute to make a difference, so when I catch a glimpse of her hopping into her sweetheart, Steve’s, Buick Regal, I shout! “Barb, this is your 40-year-old self! Things turned out pretty great. You and Steve are married and have two amazing kids. Here’s the thing... you’re kind of blowing off high school. Do you want to have to start college in your forties? Come on! You are a smart girl! Spend more time studying and less time chasing him (trust me, he’s not going anywhere). Join a club, play a sport or pick your violin back up. You know how you want to move out ASAP? The quickest route to that - and a better life - is doing well in high school to get scholarships. You can become the first ever in your family to follow your dreams to college. Focus! Your dreams await!”


Dear High School Self,


Nathan, if there are two things I wish I could have told you before you started college it’s 1) to manage your time better and 2) to get your psychological issues addressed as early as possible. Yes, they’re closely related, as your mental health problems will just continue to exacerbate your poor time management and studying skills. It will certainly take a stable psychiatric regimen to maintain sanity with your condition, but your lack of ability to manage your time has been present even while you’re sane for various reasons. You need to learn how to use a planner—actually use it, not just keep it in your backpack due to the embarrassment of being one of “those kids” who actually uses one and actually gets things in on time—if you want to be able to pass all your classes with the knowledge you need for college. And Nathan? I’ll add a third one. Get involved in clubs with people you can connect with, and in activities you like doing. It’ll show that you at least took the time to get involved with extracurricular activities in high school. And ... it could save your life.


I would tell myself to spend a lot of time with the people that really matter. Forget about those who don't care about you. When you move to college, you will make new friends, amazing friends. You will also be away from the friends you made before college so spend time with them, and your family.


Try to get involved in some sort of campus activity. Don't focus so much on working, try to have fun and enjoy college while you can; it goes by faster than you think. Be outgoing in class. Try to talk to people around you, this can be good for future tests and you might even make some friends. Don't get bummed out if you don't get all As, this is college afterall. Have good communication with your professors. If there comes a time when you need their help, you want them to know who you are; don't be just another face in the leacture hall. Try new things but also stay true to yourself; don't give in to pressure.


Be sure to experience all paths of college life! Knowing now, that great group of people from the Pride Marching Band, I believe that having a core group of friends makes the transition easier. Yes, some old friends from high school may be attending the same college but they are also trying to find their own path in life. Your two paths may not cross anymore. Opening your world to different aspects of education and social activities will make you a more well-rounded person. You can’t bury your head in the books for 4 years and expect to come out knowing everything. Having friends to experience a new city and new activities with will help you learn to work the social aspect of a group. This will aide you later in life when working in an office space. College is what will help prepare you for life’s roads ahead. Learning how to interact with all groups of people while maintaining your studies in your fields of interest will be important. You’ll work to find that balance in life that works for you. Never forget who you are and don’t change for a group of people.


I would tell myself to be determined and optimistic, to be willing to go outside my comfort zone and try something new. I would let myself know it's ok to fail as long as you learn from it, no one hits a homerun everytime. Mostly I would tell myself that there is nothing I can't do or learn so be confident and enjoy the experience.


Hi there, you scarred little thing! Remember to eat, sleep and breathe! Ask for help, and keep asking until you get it. Join a group. Make friends and get involved. Slow and steady wins this race. This should be fun and a little hard but not miserable. If it is, then you are doing it WRONG!! What do YOU wish to do with your life? Aim towards that goal and take baby steps towards it. Get rid of some of your stuff, and find a cheap apartment so you don't have to work so much! Apply for scholarships!


I woud tell myself that I am worth the time , effort. Getting good grades is for me and no one else. The counselors and teachers that tried to push me didn't matter, the other kids didn't matter. Stop worrying about everybody else and dig into your own life. You have talent, you are going to be a very sought after artist some day. It all gets better from here but only if you believe it will get better. Focus on goals, big and little. Step by step you will climb out of your depression and self loathing. Make yourself better and the world will smile back when you choose to smile at it. Good luck and go get 'em!!


I would tell myself to rush for a sorority sooner than I did, joining a sorority was one of the best decisions since coming to Missouri State. Make sure you are involved on campus and don't be stressed if you don't know what you want to do for the rest or your life, you'll figure it out. Also don't worry about what others think about you, they will constantly judge no matter what you do. And finally, cherish the friends you make and don't be sad if you lose friends from the past because friends come and go and make sure to value your family, they will there for thick and thin.


I would tell myself to be prepared to have homework. I need to pay attention in class closely to complete the homework. I would also tell myself to meet with my advisor at least once each semester so I don't accidentally take any classes that I don't need. Taking classes you don't need can be a waste of time and money. I would tell myself to get in a habit of doing homework the day it was assigned. I wish someone would have told me that because when I started going to college I found I was a huge procrastinator. I would find myself staying up until three am completing homework because I had put it off. Procrastinating causes a huge stress that makes school hard to enjoy. I would also tell myself to make friends in my classes because then you can study together and become good friends. Lastly I would tell myself to always allow an alloted time to go out with friends and have fun. At the end of the week you deserve to go out and reward yourself for all the hard work you put into school.


Dear High school senior, These last ten months of your secondary education is here, the moment you have been waiting on. This is no time to become lazy, but to work harder and relax because it’s almost over. You may feel clueless on decisions you will have to make soon but make those decisions with what you want and not what anyone else wants. Homecoming, turning eighteen and prom are all the fun things but Graduation, 8am ACT test days, and acceptance letters in the mail, are all the days that will mean more in your future. You are a beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, and a loving young lady to say the least and most definitely on the right track to prosperity. So remember once you graduate on May 21, 2011 to not stop there, but to go out and uphold yourself on a pedestal of academic achievement. Show those Scholarship donors how proud you are and unbelievably grateful for their gift towards your academic career. You are a black girl that rocks and whichever choice of University you will go to that that will be the best choice for you to grow wiser while embarking on a new life.


You have to learn to communicate in order to be able to establish contacts with people. This would be a very important skill that would help you out in your future. Never forget a simple truth: this is the easiest way to get friends at school beacuse later it would be more difficult. Concentrate your attention on the important things. Set goals for you then achieve them, enjoy your little victories and get pleasure from them. Repeat this process over and over again. Be epic. Work on your character all the time. Improve yourself. Find new information. Read more.


Past Forward “Ever-growing self-explorer, make this senior year more memorable, having discovered that the power to positively influence isn’t in looks, neither that being street-smart (or misled) in brands, parties, drugs, violence, sex equates to sophistication and knowing how life works – what are my losses, what do I gain that I would resort to desire and feign I belonged?... >>> …But find ME and be content as a humble star amidst the night, and see what thing on earth can dull or move me? All the lessons repeating tears and bloodshed in the chapters of human history, including those pages of my family’s incredible journey to America, consider now truly appreciating their consequential benefits for my present life, especially my education, which should yield this commonly overlooked end. Experience at the college level reveals that many, even the most knowledgeable, who may esteem themselves civilized lead their entire lives unlearned of the foundational discipline of integrity: self-respect. These are never too distant or abstract, and possessing them would see me defy those petty judgments and heavy regards for the external, to devote my educated concerns to greater matters of poverty and injustices in the world.”


Save your money. It is important to do things and make friends, but there is so much to do that is free. Research these things and make experience memories rather than just sitting in the dark theatre making memories about movies. Go be adventurous. Try new things. Meet new people. There is more to do on Firday than party, check out the free stuff!!!!!Not kdding, there is so much to do for free, use your money to pay for school, so you are not in debt when it is over.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to take more college credit courses, detach yourself from your mother and save some money. Every student gets the speech about how hard the transition is from high school to college so I won’t say all that again. Being in college now, I see some things that I should’ve applied to my life. I am a really family-oriented person so my biggest problem is being far away from my mother and father. Even though I am only three hours away, when I am having a bad day it feels like we are countries away from one another. While I was in high school, I took multiple classes that I could’ve potentially gotten college credit for but since I wasn’t very happy with my grades I chose not to but if I could go back, I would’ve done better and paid for the classes. Savings, Savings, and more savings is the last thing I would yell at myself because it would surely help me right now.


College was something I looked forward to for a while before I graduated high school. I eagerly anticipated to the opportunity to learn things I was truly interested in while being on my own and living independently. The advice I would give to my anxious, pre-collegiate self would be quite simple: savor every moment...All too often you find yourself thinking ahead, as you’re very much a goal-oriented individual, which is a positive trait, but now that you’re about to experience college, just remember that living in the moment is such an important thing to keep in mind. Now that you’ve reached your goal, you need to study hard, just as you did in high school. However, with all that studying, you should remember to have fun, also. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you’re about to embark the most crucial moment of your life. I have no doubt you’ll do your best, but never forget how blessed you are to have this opportunity and if you do this, I have no doubt you will not only be successful, you will l also have a great college experience.


Go all the way through college at once, dont take a year off between ASN and BSN.


Past!Me: Wow! You're me only older! That's so cool! Future!Me: Yes, yes I'm amazing. Listen I've got something important to tell you. Past!Me: Are there flying cars yet? Do zombies take over the earth? Are we-- Future!Me: Ssh! Be quiet and listen! I can't reveal anything to you about the future because it will create a time paradox! The only thing I'm allowed to do is give you advice! Past!Me: Oh, well what did you want give me advice about? Future!Me: It's about when you transfer to MSU. Look, I know that you hate doing anything that's college related and you get bored easily, but it's very important that you make sure you take general education classes that are transferable from Southeast Missouri State to Missouri State University. In the future you attend SEMO and later transfer to MSU but not all of your gen ed classes will transer. So make sure that you only take transferable courses. Got it? Past!Me: Okie dokie! Future!Me: Oh, and one more thing. I--oh no it's wearing off! I'm fading back to-- !


When i was in high school I heard that college was all fun and games. Now that i am currently a college student i can see that is not true. If I could go back and talk to myself my senior year there would be many things that i would tell myself. First, I would talk about how important it is to make sure you do your finances right because even though you are poor in college it is nice once in awhile to hava a little bit of cash to go do the activites that the college campus may offer off campus. Also i would tell myself i need to be more outgoing. When transitioning to college you have to make all new friends and this is not an easy task for everyone. The last thing I would tell myself is to concentrate more on my future and study harder so then those habits would carry on to my habits in my college life. I know i will never get to go back and tell myself these things but for high school seniors this year these would be some helpful advice to help them transition.


As i look back and see myself as a high school senior i would say that i was somewhat prepared for my upcoming freshman year as a college student. One piece of advice i would give myself is to stay focused and no matter if i had a good grade in the class or not. The reason i say that is because all throughout my years of hogh school i would slack off because i had a good grade in the class and would slip up and have to try and bring my grades up.


If I were in High school again, I would tell myself to takes ACT/SAT more seriously so that I would not have to take as many prerequisites.


Get ready for an adventure kid. First off, try to avoid eight o'clock classes like the pleage your first semeter. You'll be meeting new people and be staying up way to late to try to pull that off. You'll find people who will become your best friends for life and others that will be your best friend for a month. People will come and go, just learn to enjoy thier company while they are there. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to study, that way when you procratinate you'll still have time to get your work done. Take a varity of classes so you can truely get a feel for what you enjoy. There will be many oppertunites for field studies. Take these oppertunites. It gives you time for one on one conversations with your professors to disucuss your future plans and goals. HAVEFUN!!!


College is a unique experience. Do not expect college to be like high school. As a college student you are responsible for you own education--deadlines and assignments are rigorous. College will be where you will form friendships which will be lasting since your friends will often be from your own course of study so you will share common experiences. College life can be exciting. Become involved.


when I was on last year of high school and I hope the time could go fast because I thought it was so excited to be college student because I could choose any classes that I like and some teacher does not care if I go to school late. However, it is not true because all the classes that I choose will be harder than high school and the way teachers teach are totally different from high school. If I have chance, I would like to go back to high school and study harder and prepare everything before transfer to college.


Ashley, you should find somone to set you down and discuss the importance of the cost of your education. Not just a credit hour, but looking at after over 4 years what will the total cost be and how will you pay for it. Talk about your options of paying for college after scholarship opportunities had been exhausted. It would be beneficial to discuss campus life, academic programs, with a current student of the college. Ask them to list the strenghts and weaknesses of the school. Take the time to actually LEARN things in your classes and on your own think how they apply in your life. Don't just go to your classes and not take anything away from them. After you are finished with the your degree program you will be required to apply what you know to the job at hand. Expect to study and give up some free time so that you can not only get good grade but be a good student.


That GPA is HIGHLY important. The more you get involved with your community then, the easier it will become in College. If you did not go to somewhat of a charter school, it may be hard to adapt academically. Not impossible, but learning would be easier. Learning study skills would have made a world of a difference. Applying or seeking colleges by sophomore year, definitely makes the acceptance letters come quicker, as well, as doing fairly decent on the ACT. If I could do it over, I'd probably just take some Dual Credit hours in high school. I wouldn't want to go back completely though.


I would tell myself not to change very much. I'd probably do a couple of more scholarship applications, work a little harder on my final projects (darn you senioritis!) and just relax and enjoy what time I had left in high school.


I would telll myself to relax because everything is going to turn out fine. I'd tell myself to try and experience as many different classes as possible and to get to know my future professors. Not being shy is the key to this transition: ask questions and make friends with your classmates. Don't but textbooks until you meet for your first class because some teachers don't require you to buy them. Don't be afraid to try new things, and don't be afraid to voice your opinion. Get to know the financial aid office and the advising center. Make sure you show up for orientation because it's crucial to the transition process. If you register for more than three classes on a certain day make sure you schedule a break in between, if not you'll be sorry. Last but not least, there's nothing to worry about: you'll find you're place eventually. You're going to meet some amazing people and learn amazing things about the world and about yourself, but only if you remember to keep an open mind. I'd wish you luck but you won't be needing it.


Don't wait so long into your life to decide what you want to do for a career.


I know you're having a hard time now, but I just want to let you know that your first year of college is going to be better than you expected. You're going to step out of your shell and make some really good friends so don't worry about that. I'm here to warn you so you don't make the same mistakes I did. First off, join a club or something. Your academics will only go so far and you're REALLY going to need some scholarships. You've got so many great ideas so find a place to apply them and you'll benefit from it when you fill out that college application. Secondly, learn to wake up in the morning. You're going to end up with some early morning classes and even though five more mintues seems like a good idea, it isn't. Lastly, prepare to have your mind blown. You're going to meet so many different people, but don't worry, you'll fit right in. Oh and start learning to air dry your bras. It'll save you a scolding from your awesome roommate later.


There are so many people at the campus that are willing to sit and talk with you to make sure you are on the right track. Stop worrying about enrolling! Ask for help, that is what your professor are there for.


To remain open-minded,to always stay focused,and to keep yourself centered in your beliefs. And to always to care about other's.


The main thing I have gotten out of my college experience is confidence. When I first started college, I was not very sure of myself. I did not know what to major in or what clubs to join. I was very terrible at making decisions. By attending this school, I went to different meetings for different organizations and really felt that I could truly do anything. Through the classes I took and the friends I made, I really felt like I was becoming a stronger individual. By not being able to rely on my parents to guide me every place that I go, I was forced to react by making decisions and choices for myself. This has definitely helped me to grow into a much more confident indivual.


I am indeed grateful for the experience of being at college because I have been able to acquired the studying skills to memorize and learn the information. I have been able to apply what I have learned in my class to real life situations. I can now effectively use my time to get the optimal results in studying, doing homework. Then I still have some time to myself to relax, enjoy new found friendships and participate in activities offered on the campus. College allows me to operate like an independant adult but allows me to see my family often. Being at college has also taught me how to live with others that are not apart of my family, get along and even become friends. I have loved every minute of college.


It is very valuable to attend so that I can have a better life than my parents have had. I will be the first in my entire family to attend and graduate college. I have gotten a great eduacation out of my college experience and I'm very glad I decided to attend college even though the odds were against me. I'm currently feeling like I might have to take a semester off to save money for school because I have recently lost my federal financial aid. I have had to drop classes the last two semesters so I can work more hours to earn money in an attempt to pay off my credits cards and help my parents with bills along with paying for my own rent and such. My parents need help because my father became disabled in the last year. I also feel like school has prepared me for the "real world" in a way that high school never did.


Missouri State has a public affairs mission: ethical leadership, cultural competence, and community engagement. Awareness of this mission has brought moral responsibility into the forefront of my life. I have since become very involved in activism and aiding the environment in every way possible. Because of this, I was awarded a spot in the Greenpeace Organizing Term, a semester long study-away program for young students interested in the environment. This program will help to obtain the knowledge and courage to follow my passion of saving the earth. Although I will be away from Missouri State for a semester, I will never forget the school that led me to become the person I have always wanted to be.


I have received a lot of variety of academic options, mainly because I am interested in doing much more than one thing as a career. I really wouldn't recommend Missouri State University to transfer students because it would be extremely hard to make friends as a junior, people here are just so enclosed. However, this is a good school to at least start as a freshman and get going in the process of being a college student. I ended up meeting a lot of my friends and reunited with some from middle school my freshman year at college and can say that is one of the best experiences of why it was valuable for me to attend. Overall, I have learned more about myself in the four years of college than I have all before from meeting new people and just learning.


From my college expierence so far I have learned alot about my self personally. Before this year I depended way to much in my mother for little things like driving me here and there or doing job applications. I applied to college myself and did all my class registration. I know it sounds really foreign for me to have her doing all that; I should get no praise for doing small things like class registration but I have always been sheltered and it was a huge step for me. I have also realized high school doesnt prepare you in any way shape or form for college. When I got there I was not prepared for the work load or the enviornment, but since then I believe I have greatly improved and im really looking forward to the next 3 years.


College has been valuable to me because I have learned who I am. I have learned what my personal interests are, what I believe, and what I want out of life. It's been a joy to live on my own and make it through. I have learned most about myself through my academic struggles and triumphs. College has allowed me to work side by side with some of the best friends. I have learned that life is short and to enjoy every bit of life while I can. It has been valuable because I have learned how to juggle many different things at the same time. I have realized that I have been blessed with the gift of learning, and while I may not like class, I have the privilege to read, write, and learn. I will use this experience and the lessons I have learned when I get married, find a job, and start a family. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to attend college, as so many people don't have the privilege. I have made the best out of my opportunity and have no regrets.


College is not just a place to learn popular subjects such as Biology or English. My college experience has given my a greater perspective on the world around me. I decided on Liberal Studies as my major and it has given me a greater knowledge on life, love, and everything in between. I have learned the value of exercise and why it is important to keep your body healthy, the neurological development of the human brain and why people grow old, as well as the in-depth study of the play "A Raisin in the Sun". I make better choices everyday because of college. I have an open mind, a wide perspective on life. I check the sources before making a decision or believing a rumor. College is also valuable because it helps one to grow out of their shell and become their own individual. In high school, everyone is trying to be like everyone else but in college people want to discover their true selves. I made valuable friendships with people who enjoyed similar hobbies as mine. College only lasts four years but it is what you make out of it that lasts a lifetime, way beyond four years.


My college experience has taught me to take charge of my own education. Anyone can pay to sit in a class and not really learn; it is up to me to take in as much as I possibly can from my classes. A personal responsibility for my education will lead to independence and a well-rounded knowledge when I graduate.


My senoir year of high school I was originally not planning on coming to Missouri State University. I knew I wanted to attend college being the first of my family to do so, but it also had to do with the community I was from. Im originally from a small town in a small and I wanted some knew experiences in my life and with it being my last year of high school I thought I better state looking. When I first started to look I was surprised at how few colleges out ther actually offered Criminology as a major. I discovered though that Florida State University offered it, which made me elated because I've always wanted to live there, unfortunatly the out of state cost would have killed me so I look in Missouri and thats when I found Missouri State University. I have to say that even though this was my second choice Im glad I chose it. I feel like I have made friends here that will last a life time and the teachers here are some of the best. I think in the end this was a perfect step up for me.


I have only been enrolled in college for 1 month at this point. I don't feel that I could accurately answer this question, however, I plan on getting my Entrepreneurship degree, yet another goal I have set for myself. This is very important to me because it decides my future. When I finish college, I plan on attending Culinary School. This is where I will learn everything there is for me to know about baking. Achieving this goal is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. I am up for the challenge. After I have successfully achieved all of these goals I have set for myself I hope to open my own bakery. This is not only my biggest goal, but more like my dream. Everything that I do from this point on, going forward, with my education, will all be for that purpose. Opening a bakery is a long-term goal, and I have no doubt that with my determination I WILL achieve this life long dream. I do believe that setting goals is very important and that by doing so I can achieve anything.


Through my college experience so far I have learned alot of responsibility. I ahve taken both online and on campus classes and learned that procrastination is never the answer! I have also learned that communication is key being with class mates or teachers. Whether I feel bad for making the teacher explain it to me again or not it will improve my grades and understanding. I have also learned very valuable budgeting skills that I know will better my life in the future. I will have to say college hasnt helped me one bit spelling though. If I could picture my life without going to college I would probably be working in the grocery store that I previously worked in for the rest of my life. But I have bigger and better dreams for my self and I also want to be a role model for the chilren I have in the future and I believe college ii helping me with that.


In the short time I have been attending Missouri State University, I have learned that I am responsible for my own education. Despite any challenges that I may face, it is up to me to reach my goals. This is an invaluable life lesson that will carry me farther than just this campus. It has shown me that life is a struggle, but nothing that is worth doing is ever easy.


My college experience has been one I wouldn't trade for anything. I am a soccer player here, but that isn't what mostly occupies my time. I go to weekly meetings of a bible study and an organization called "Cru" that's about prayer and worhip. There are so many social events on campus that I feel I am always involved in one thing or another. The classes have made me think about life questions more in the past year than I have in my other eighteen years on this earth. Philosophy is my favorite section of courses because all the teachers have such a great sense of humor. It's hard to put into 200 words all that can be said about finding yourself and learning fundamental life lessons while in college. The friends I made last year I know will last the rest of my life and all from different areas. A baseball player who was drafted, a fashion merchandiser, a wedding planner, and a speech pathologist are just a few. Plus getting free food and T-shirts just walking around campus is a nice bonus.


What I have gotten out of my college experience are a few things. One thing is not to be afraid to ask for help or more time if needed. The teachers were surprisingly understanding and compassionate. This made me more confident and little more relaxed about school at times. Secondly, I've learned to think outside the box and accept others as they are. This taught me to value other's opinions, preferences, and "to turn the other cheek". Nothing is personal now a days. Thirdly, I learned to embrace my independence. It has been valuable to attend because it took me out of my comfort zone and I didn't have any "life lines" to reach out often, so it was valuable because it gave me my first experience of the real world...life.


I have gotten out of my college experience is to trust and believe in myself and the other around me. Going to college helped me better myself with my relationship in Christ, my family, my friends new and old, and with myself. College helped me identify how great I can be at something and how well I can set my mind to do anything and accomplish my goal. College is valuble to attend because it helped me expand my mind, heart, and soul with the new experiences and challenges.