Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Missouri State is getting help from advisors.


Sometimes finding time to get everything done ---rigourous courses and class schedules


Parking at the beginning of the semester. Textbook prices kill too, but I suspect that this is a problem at every school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is paying for it.


There seems to be a very sad future for many of the students here.


The most frustrating things about my school for me are personal, financial issues. Working around my advisor's schedule is a little tough sometimes, too, so I guess THAT is the most frustrating thing.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is working with the Financial Aid office and receiving help. I wish they were more helpful, because it's not like paying for college on your own isn't hard enough as it is.


There is very little school spirit. They are trying desperately to improve MSU Maroon Pride and I hope they succeed because I am proud of my school. The buildings are not very attractive. Many were built in the 70's and don't match their surroundings anymore.


The paperwork. It seems to take forever to get the adminstration to give straight answers or quick responses.


The most frusterating thing about my school is signing up for classes. The whole process has to be done online and is used by over 22,000 students. Sometimes serveers get slow or frozen and classes are unavailable. But do not fear. If you choose this school, proffesionals and teachers help you with the process at orientation. Just get in an early slot to get the classes you want!


The most frusterating thing about my school is probably the financial aid department. There was a huge delay last semester, and many misunderstandings that led to my aid coming in almost when the semester was over. I understand that it is a long process for my school to complete financial aid for every student but it can be frusterating when you are counting on it.


Missouri State's Greek system is not always the best. I am in a local soroity, and I love it, but the Greek system overall has some problems. There are many rules and regulations set on fraternaties and sororities, which would be fine if it didn't durn into a tattle-tell he said she said game. Many chapters like to report other chapters for silly violations. Many people take the whole Greek system way too seriously. On the flipside though, there is not a lot of pressure to go Greek, and one can still have lots of fun independently.


In one of my classes this fall, we took notes, watched PowerPoints, listened to lectures, and read from our textbook, and then the exams had seemingly nothing to do with any of our activities. I'll do the work, I'll put in the time, just make it worth it! Be clear in your expectations, and be straighforward with what I need to know.


Not enough parking spots.


When it rains, every treet is flooded because Springfield apparently doesn't believe in drainage systems. But that also makes it fun when you want to play in the rain. There could be more computer labs on campus.




The most frustrating thing about Missouri State is that there are so many activities that one can participate in that it is hard to pick and choose.


This school has a weak philosophy department.


Not having enough time to get all the assignments and work done with all my other classes and working a full-time job.


Learning how to balance a social life that makes your new school become home, and the homework that you have to do well on because college is your future.


Not enough evening or late afternoon classes.


Financial aid. With affirmative action, white males like myself have to struggle to pay for school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of enthusiasm about the athletics.


There are great resources, great advisors, and a safe environment. However, you must take it upon yourself to put everything together to benefit from it. You have to take the initiative to take advantage of the great opportunities. Opportunities won't come to you unless you are looking and acting.


The most frustrating thing about MSU is finding a parking space! Also regristration for classes can be very frustrating, but not much can be done to help the fact that some classes are only offered at certain times.


They way they treat fraternities and sororities. There is way too much required programming for greek organizations.


Getting outside sources of financial aid to come in on time. That's not really Missouri State's fault though.


There is not a lot of diversity.