Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


About all of the new facilities being built and the Agriculture facilities away from campus that hold the horses, cattle, and upper classes.


I wish I would have known how important experience is for getting a job and how important it is to pursue a degree with jobs that are in demand.


I wish I would have known that a university has more homework than a community college. I came from a community college where it was common to only have homework once or twice a week. When I started at the university I was shocked to find that I have homework everynight after class. Once I got used to it I was fine, it just caught me off guard at first and stressed me out.


The feild that I was going to go into. If I had known that I wanted to go in cell/molecular biology I would have chosen a school that was more well known for this field.


I wish that I had known how to study effectively. In high school, studying doesn't mean the same thing as it does in college. In college, I'm not in the same class every day so I don't get a fresh reminder of what we learned before. It's on me to work outside of the classroom to understand the material so I can do well on the test and other homework assignments.


I wish that I would have know what kind of extracaricular activties the campus offered, the varity of food was served at the campus, what there was to do around the campus and in Springfield in general, and more about resident hall living.


I wish I would have known what I wanted my major to be so I could get a head start in completing some of the required classes.


I wish I would have know that Missouri State wasn't going to be an easy school. I have to work harder here with studying than I ever did in high school.


I wish I would have known how things work in college compared to high school better. The fact that all the reliability almost instantly switches from consistent help from your teachers in high school to sole responsibility in college is a bi change.


I wish I had done a wider range of college searches. I often wonder what it would be like if i was at this or that college, and I wish I would have looked in to other schools.


Before I would start any school the first think I want to know if the school has proper accreditation. Then I would concentrate my attention on the programs they offer. And other factors like school reputation and tuition price may also be points of my interest before I start .


the main thing i wish i would of known before comming to this school was how very hands on learning they were. if i would have known this right of that bat i wouldnt have wasted my time or money with other colleges and would have came straight here. i feel like they do a great job in working with students but dont get very much appreciation or recognition for it.


I pretty much knew everything I needed to know before I came. There isn't anything bad I have to say about Missouri State. It was a really good choice for me!


There isn't really anything I wish I had known. Everything I didn't know was pretty easy to pick up on, and there were always people to help out if I had problems in doing so.


I should have applied to as many scholarships as I could. Even though I got a fair amount of scholarship money every little bit helps especially when if comes to text books and art supplies and meal plans.


I felt very informed when I came to Missouri State University. I was told about the costs at my freshman orientation the summer before school started. My housing was exactly what I expected. I have been very involved at Missouri State University.


i wished i had fuigured out exactly what i wanted to do and pursued a carreer goal from the begging of attending college. Get all the scholarships and money that is available school is very expensive.


I wish that I would have known the lack of choices of great faculty there are here. Also, poor administration.


This school has an excellent Residence Life and Serviices Department and the residence halls are a great place to live. I wish more people were encouraged to live on campus because you won't find anywhere on campus such a close-knit community of fellow students that are fun to be with, extremely supportive, and just overall great people.


How much books were before i came to this school.


More about the dorms.


I wish I had known how large the campus really was. I also wish I had known parking was going to be so difficult. If I had known that it was going to be so difficult to find a job, on or off campus, I would have come up a little bit earlier to find a possible part time job.


I wish I would have known how much more expensive it is to attend an out of state college, and that financial services weren't going to be readily available.


how much work college really is


plan classes to be a short walk from class to class


I wish I had known that the community college offered a transfer block at less than half the price.


I feel like I was well informed.


...that there is a difference between education and college. In other words, I didn't know that I was going to be teaching myself instead of being taught.