Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors that work here want to do everything in the world to make college the best experience of your life. They are willing to help you find internships and write recommendation letters for you that way it does not seem like your alone in the process.




The best thing about my University is the life long friends and faculty that have came into my life. These people are angels from God that knew exactly what qualities of person I needed in my life to help me grow in ways I never knew I would be able to. As continue work towards the day I graduate these people in my life will always remind me the strength they gave me to make it.


It is afforadable


It's 3 hours from home. Off-campus dorm is the best choice.




The Gospel Choir is the best thing about my school. Missouri State has wonderful weather and a beatiful campus. The c;lass size give you a feeling of being successful. And the teacher also are very helpful. The way that Missouri State keep you inform by posting everything on the website.


A lot of extracurricular activites and teachers care if you do


I think the best thing about my school is the easy access to campus. The campus is set up where anyone can find anything very easliy and quickly. Everything is close together and campus is easy to navigate around.


I consider the best thing about Missouri State University to be it's seamless blend of big-school opportunity with small-school atmosphere. MSU has over 15,000 students enrolled but the campus is small for such a large university. It also has a very friendly and community feel to it. I always see familiar faces and feel that I have a great opportunity to assert my individuality in the class room and not be "just a number," as is the stereotype for large universities.


I love most how much the community of Springfield promotes the arts. Springfield was declared the city in Missouri most supportive of the arts. It really is true. As a music major and a former member of the thespian society, I must say that MSU has a great arts program and music program. Springfield is a city that truly loves the arts. And food. It's a big restaurant city. Lots of restaurants.


The best thing about my school would have to be how the school gets involved with the community and help others when in a time of need for example we previous raised $50,000 to go towards Haiti and the injuried people.


The best thing about this school is the helpfulness and friendliness of all of the teachers and support staff. Everyone has gone out of their way to see that I succeed at school and graduate.


Missouri State provides it's students with many resources for help. That's what I consider the best thing about my school. You're never left in the dark. Help is always provided if needed, and the entire staff here at Missouri State makes sure that you're informed on any extra help that many be available for you. It's comforting knowing you're never on your own.


The best thing about Missouri State University is that they offer a wide range of majors to all students at a relatively low cost. If the major that you need or desire is not offered, MSU caters to that fact by offering personalized majors which are developed with academic advisors. Other than that, the staff is friendly and the student to teacher ratio is 13 to 1, allowing students the personal learning experience in a large school setting of almost 19,000 enrolled students.


I love attending college! My school has opened up many doors, and many learning oppurtunity's for me and all of the students that attend. Anytime I need help or assistance I know I can always count on them for my future plans. I believe learning is a lifelong process, and plan on taking classes even after graduating so I am grateful that I love my school.


Missouri State is homey. The school is large, and there are countless opportunities to meet tons of people. The campus is small enough though, that you can continue seeing all the new people you meet. It is not intimidating to get involved on campus and easy to find organizations that fit any personality or interest. There are tons of opportunities to express leadership and organization skills. The comfort and homey feeling from students and professors make Missouri State stand out from other universities.


The best thing about my school is my teachers, they are great at listening to the students and telling them how to succeed at their projects.


I consider the help one of the major but best things. you're not in a class room with 500 people compared to having about twnty to thirty five at a community college. there are lots and lots to do as far as programs of stuydy or activity programs. Having your own tutor is so sweet and just call in for an appointment. the food is even great. Being at Lansing community college is like being in your own home with a bunch of friends over. i reccomend people start off at a community college first then transfer.


The price because it's the lowest in the state.


The best thing about Missouri State is the faculty, including professors, advisors, and staff employees. They are all engaged, friendly, and caring, even if they are not in your particular area of study, they are still willing to help. This is important because students generally have a laundry list of questions when applying for college, so it's nice to feel welcome and to get those questions answered. My application process consisted of me applying to three colleges, one of which was Mizzou (my first choice at the time), but Missouri State won because of how well they treated me.


The School presents just about every opportunity that a student could hope a state university to provide, including sports, clubs, majors, classes, internal and external resources, job opportunities, a medium sized campus with old and new buildings, a diverse student body an incredible international program.


The community at MSU is the best! Everyone gets along and is always willing to lend a hand. I have met some amazing people at this school that will be there no matter what!


I consider the best thing in my school to be the environment of people in the community. Springfield is very diverse and there is something for everyone.


Meeting so many new people and experiencing so many different things that I've never experienced before college.


Missouri State University is a medium sized university that is easy to get around. The classes are very interesting and the teachers are always helpful. The other students are friendly and welcoming. Plus there are tons of campus groups and activities to participate in and meet new people. Also, since the campus is in Missouri there is always a variety of weather experiences which makes for an interesting year filled with warm sunny days perfect for some baseball on the commons or rainy days filled with puddle jumping or mud flinging and snow days perfect for snowball fights and snowmen.


The best thing about MSU is the people; they are all very friendly and willing to help in any way they can. Also, the teachers genuinely care about the students and their needs and want to help us learn. They are professional and knowledgeable as well as caring.


The best thing about the school is that the classes are small enough that you do not get lost in the crowd. All my professors know me by name and are there to help any student in anyway.


The campus, size of the town, wide variety of choices.


that it is close to work and seems to have opportunities to pursue.


The community! Everyone has something they are involved in - greek life, residence life, sports, music. It's amazing, and fantastic!