Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


S&T is very acidemically oriented and the small student population makes it easy to make friends within your field of study and makes classrooms comfortable because there are always familiar faces.


Missouri S&T is an engineering school where you're likely to have a job lined up before you graduate.


A school with a reputation for being extremely tough but with a staff and administration that will do anything to help you overcome barriers and be succesful.


Missouri University of Science and Technology is a University that is dedicated to creating the best engineers by challenging them with extremely difficult course work while also providing several tools to help you get through to graduation.


Missouri S&T is very up to date with today's technology.


The odds are good, but the goods are odd.


My school is a place of filled with academic rigor and intelligence.


It's a highly difficult school to attend, but very well worth the effort. The coursework is brutal, but the challenge is satisfying, and there are very few institutions where the enterprising student can develop connections to employers like MST.


It is a diverse culture of students and top-quality faculty that focuses on academia, giving back to the community, and promoting lasting relationships with others on campus.


Rolla is a top-notch school with friendly students and faculty, and is great for people who are used to small school sizes.


The school is very accesible for students and offers great oppurtunities such as traveling abroad and internships.There is a minority of females on the campus.


A small, generally conserveative university that does not get along with its surrounding community with few females that tends to push students to their limit (which usually promotes the idea of binge drinking to combat stressful situations).


A lot of "nerds," but overall an amazing academic school!




A school that offers a wide range of majors, but places a high emphasis on math and science.


A school based on very tough classes that challenge you and prepares you for your carrer.


Missouri University of Science and Technology (formery University of Missouri Rolla), is an engineering-oriented university.


Missouri S&T (formally Univeristy of Missouir-Rolla) offers a great education where students can not only grow in the classroom and personally, while preparing its students for a challanging and rewording career.


UMR is an intellectual campus in which you have to get creative to have a good time outside of academics.


This school is very tough, but the quality of education is amazing!


UMR is a nice school, but needs better liberal and fine arts programs -- I know several engineers who wish they could do more with art/music/English, but at limited because of the apparent disinterest/disdain the board and others hold for non-scientific fields.


Educationally focused on engineering.


My school is very hard, diverse, and full of guys, and expensive.


Missouri-Rolla is a very educationally intense school.


Mathematically and engineering oriented with very little emphasis on humanities or social sciences.


It's ok as long as you don't go above the professor level, the upper management is terrible.