Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Intelligent introverts.


My classmates are typically quite out the outside, but inside have a great range of ideas and values.


My classmates are intelligent, helpful, friendly, and scientifically minded; they all have similar interests in science, engineering, and math, which makes it very easy to find things in common with them.


Most of my classmates are really smart and introverted.


My classmates at Missouri S&T are intelligent and ambitious, but we also like to relax and have fun sometimes.


My classmates are very helpful and kind.


My classmates are nerdy, fun, studious, and friendly.


Everyone at Missouri S&T is driven to succeed, as is necessary for those pursuing a career in science and engineering, and the difficulty of the university creates a unity among students as everyone helps each other to learn and apply their studies.


The University of Missouri-Rolla if full the best and brightest from all over the world. Like every school there are those who strive to succeed and those who strive to simply get by. This school by far has the most people with not only the intelligence to proceed but also the willingness to grind through every paper, every lab, and every homework assignment with gusto.


My classmates are all highly motivated in math and science and could be easily described as "nerds".


Your classmates here are more often than not going to be very helpful people of which understand and sympathize with your struggles, as well as help you get past them. The people I've come to know here are a great bunch, and one never goes around forgotten here.


I get along with pretty much all of my classmates, except for the ones who aren't nice to anyone and I love going to school here.


My classmates are on-the-whole a very intelligent group of people. Engineering schools have a predominantly male make-up of the student body, and my shcool is no different. But I think there is enough racial and gender diversity to make this a great learning environment. It is really nice being surrounded by intellectual peers.


They are mostly male and engineering majors. Most are between the ages of 18 and 30, mostly white. There has been a recent increase in women and students of diverse ethnicity. Most of the students on campus are relatively serious about their studies. Alcohol use exists among students, but not generally excessive.


The over all ranging of age would be eighteen to thirty years .


The classmates at my college are very diverse and weird.


The majority of my classmates are very willing to form study groups. Most are eager to help if you have problems, and are just generally friendly people. Everyone is just looking to have a good time and make some new friends. I would say that this is one of the closest-knit communities I have experienced on a college campus, and for that I am very grateful.


My classmates are like people just like everywhere else in the world


The students here are very focused, intelligent, and goal-orientated, as well as friendly and helpful to the younger classes.


Very friendly people.


Classmates at my school are very friendly, courteous, and work very well in teams.


Classmates keep to themselves. Few are outspoken/will form study groups without yourself taking the initiative. You leave them alone, they will leave you alone.


Down to earth.


My classmates are mostly male and there are a variety of different personalities.


Intelligent and hardworking, but fun and sociable at the same time.




Many of my classes are composed of classmates of many different ethnicities and heritage; socially speaking, you can find anything from the nerdiest, introverted freak-of-nature to the "coolest" kid in town.


The following is a list of traits many of my fellow classmates possess: enjoyable, lovable, intelligent, funny, caring, goofy, all-around-good-person.


Too many of them don't care.


There is no dress code at MS&T, at least not a very stringent one. One student may always wear sleepwear pants and flip flops to class while others wear polo shirts and khakis daily. The biggest problem with the Student body is the gender spread, At least 2/3 male. Most of the females are already dating or uninterested so don't come to MS&T as a guy looking for a date.


They're geeky, but they're ALL geeky, so it's not a bad thing. As I said before, If you're a geeky, nerdy, engineering-type of person, you will love the social life here. We're in the bible belt, but surprisingly enough, the campus is still fairly liberal. Beer, Guns, and building things are the general recreation of choice. The overwhelming political attitude is heavily libertarian/ conservative. Religion is tolerated by most, but embraced by few. Most students are agnostic and/or undecided about their religious beliefs. The overwhelming majority of students come from working-class families, and value hard work, responsibility, and self-reliance.


The students are alright I guess. There's lot of drunks and ignorant people, but that is anywhere.


A lot of the African American students gather together in the lunch area, while the rest of the students are more evenly dispersed. Most Missouri S&T students are from Missouri or neighboring states, but we have students from almost all 50 states. We also have lots of foreign students, namely Petroleum Engineering majors (Middle-Eastern). We also keep in mind our annual income that we'll be making, once we graduate. Job placement is exceptionally high.


student body is for the most part lacking social skills or their social skills are scewed from being in this male dominated hell hole of a town. most students dont participate in any school events.


I understand that there aren't alot of women at UMR, but it's dumb to give people scholarships or accept them to school if they aren't qualified simply because they are a minority.


I wouldn't say this campus is extremely diverse, but most students are pretty open and accepting of new ideas and cultures. There are a decently large portion of international student enrolled. The type of person that would feel out of place would be anyone who was non-technical, politically loud (about certain issues), liberal arts major who was a pompous wind bag, but they would be so concerned about themself that they wouldn't realize they were out of place. Other people who might feel out of place would be townies that haven't and don't go to college. Most students wear some sort of pants and some type of shirt, usually a t-shirt and jeans, but some wear slacks and button up shirts. Some of the girls put a lot of effort into their appearance where as others don't give a crap. Really, it doesn't matter what you are wearing, if you are a girl in Rolla you can get a date. Now, whether you would agree to that date is another matter entirely. Most students come from the Midwest and small town America. Many students are on the conservative side of the spectrum, but there are many left leaning students. On the whole Missouri S&T students are pretty much politically in the middle. Some students go around bragging about how much they will be making, but a lot of them also talk about the type of difference that they are making. The best way to interact with different types of students is to join a non-academic organization or a design team that needs a lot of different majors.


bunch of nerds and dormies all over the place that irritate you when they talk about video games and card games. alot of gay guys. way too liberal


MS&T's student body is not very diverse. 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students are probably white guys from around Missouri. A lot of these guys are stereotypical "nerd." This can lead to a lot of ignorance about other ideas. MS&T's entrance requirements are pretty low, so there isn't much exclusivity to any body. St. Louis gives MS&T the largest amount of students, but Kansas City and Columbia both contribute. Most students are from Missouri, but I have met some from bordering states as well. There are far more guys than girls. If you are a guy looking for a fun social life in college, do not come here. Many of the students are conservative, there some middle and left students too. Just like most colleges, many students think they are right on several issues but they can't argue based on actual facts instead of beliefs. Jobs and salaries for future employment are discussed often.


We are fairly well mixed and the same age. There are a lot of Indian-cultured people there as well as Asians. It seems like there are a lot of students from St. Louis and Kansas City, but I also know people from as far away as Oregon and Georgia.


Most students are politcally retarded. Most people just care about finishing school so they can get a job that doesn't suck. Campus is predominately white. Lots of international students though, primarily from India and the Middle East.


Believe it or not, there's a group for everyone. Students that come to MST are the students that felt out of place in high school for the most part. But all of the nerds come together here. I think there's some student interaction, but most of the social life is in the Greek life.


Majrotiy of the students are from Missouri but I have met students from all over the country and all over the world. There is a strong gathering of Indiam students and they have their own organizations and events that cater towards their lifestyle and culture (very interesting).


Most students are stereotypical "dormies". Guys people that spend all of their time watching japanese cartoons, playing online video games, and wearing their keys on carabiners attached to the belt loops of their jorts. There is a signifcant segregation between racial groups, but never anything hostile, violent or otherwise tense. Since the campus is mostly missouri and illinois residents, no great cultural differences separate groups.


There is a wide variety of eithnicity at Missouri S&T. In order of the largest majority of population: Caucasians, African Americans, Indians, Asians.


Most students are very open. There are kids from every race, religion, there is a place for everyone. I am proud of the way that most students accept one another for who they truly are.


Has a mixture of all races, but only about 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of student body are females.


At MS&T the students are very tolerant of each other. You rarely hear of a fight breaking out between races. The homosexuals mingle with the bisexuals and the straights. The blacks mingle with the Asians mingle with the whites. Religiously.... I don't know, don't really care. There are a lot more guys than girls. If you are not an engineer you might feel out of place, like a culinary major would definitely be out of place.


The student body is either Frat boy drunks or WEIRD. Picture your idea image of someone working at NASA in the '50's and I have seen him at Rolla. I have also seen a few kids wearing chain mail and caps. Keep in mind this was no where near Halloween, it is a regular occurence. There is a very large foreign population at Rolla which always got me because the professors always talk about stopping engineering jobs from going over seas. Also there are no good women. Well maybe 1{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the whole less thatn 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} female population but they are usually there to find husbands. The rest of them suffer from a commonly referred to condition there called "Rolla Princess Syndrome". That is they feel they are pretty much too good to talk to you if you don't have money or aren't going to graduate and have a job soon. One of my best friends from high school joined a sororiety down there and I maybe see her twice a semester now. Most students are from Missouri around St. Louis from an upper middle class background. Most of them just go there because their dad did and he wanted them to. The only thing that keeps most kids going there is the thought that they will make a lot of money when the graduate. Deep down there are only about 2{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people there that would not perfer to be somewhere else if they could afford it or it was as close to home.


I think we're pretty well balanced.


We all get along. The few preps don't make fun of anybody like they used to in high school.