Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is known for the awesome St. Pat's celebration and having a ton of STEM students.


Missouri Science and Technology is best known for a quality education at a cheap cost compared to other schools. Most employeers love to hire Rolla gradutes because they are good people, they work hard, and they are smart. Some things the school can improve on is student living


One of the best features on campus is the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center (SDELC) which houses most of the Design Teams on campus. It provides an incredible environment for the design teams to collaborate and work on their projects. By interacting with each other, students learn to operate machines and gather experience in actual engineering.


My school underwent a name change a few years back, from the University of Missouri-Rolla to Missouri University of Science and Technology, and that change illustrates exactly the traits for which my school is renowned. Missouri University of Science and Technology produces some of the brightest scientific and engineering-minded individuals in this country; we are an island of innovation and science in an otherwise agriculturally-focused state. Our solar car team competes against Ivy League schools. Our student body is diverse. The STEM education here is truly world-class, and student's pride couldn't be higher.


Our school is best known for producing quality engineers, but also for having a huge St. Pat's celebration as St. Pat is the patron saint of engineers.


Missouri S&T is a well known and respected engineering school. However, it is also very well known for it's very large St. Patrick's Day celebration, which stretches about the length of a week, and features a variety of different activities, including a parade, a free concert, and a series of competitions known as "Follies" at a campus landmark, the Puck.


Large number of engineering degrees available.


Rolla is best known for it's engineering programs.


We're known for having a less than mediocre football team, hard classes, over a dozen design teams and a bunch of nerdy, super smart students. We're also known on a national level in hall government involvement for being the coolest school in the midwest.


Engineering, science, design teams, and having a terrible football team.


Engineers. We are socially awkward and shy, but specializing in the fields that matter to technological progress for modern America. Our school is training the Renaissance Men of the next generation in American Industrialism. New technologies are being developed on campus, and graduate students are testing new ideas every day.


My school is best known for Engineering degrees. The campus is also known as a "party" campus, usually involving a lot of drinking.


MST is very famous for engineering and geology.