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My college is a public university, but feels more like a private institution. We may have numerous students, but it's the perfect amount considering our ideal student-to-faculty ratio. Every teacher I had this semester knew my name and wanted me to succeed in their class. I'm comfortable emailing them or meeting them during their office hours because I can sense that they enjoy the time they use to converse with their students and help them understand difficult material. I also love that because everyone is an engeering major, we're all eager to help one another.


What makes the Missouri S&T unique is the courses that the students take. The campus is predominantly engineering majors, which means the majority of campus is taking/has taken the same courses you are in. Everyone is usually very helpful, as they know the amount of stress you are going through. Also, Missouri S&T has a high job placement for engineering majors. The career fair that takes place every semester is a great way to promote yourself or find a job because hundereds of engineering firms and companys come to our career fair to hire students.


MS&T certainly seems to have more of a defined identity than most other schools in that they know exactly what it is they excel at: science and technology. As someone who transferred from a university centered in a major metropolitan area, the contrast in environments is pretty stark. I've personally benefitted from the lesser degree of distractions associated with a smaller town, not to imply there's no fun to be had. Nobody celebrates St. Patrick's Day quite like Rolla. Students account for about a third of the city's population, so make friends and have fun.


The other schools I considered do not have the same dedication to hard sciences and engineering that this school does. Missouri S&T has a clear history of science and engineering from the very beginning. Since I am studying for a science degree, this school was a natural fit - not too far away from home, but with a very robust scientific and technical community.


I attend the University of Portland, it is unique in that it provdies a lot of opportunities for study abroad (50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students study abroad) and for education majors it allows you to work with classrooms as early as freshman year (most schools wait until senior year). It is also great in that they really encourae service, and provide a lot of opportunities to volunteer in the local community of Norh Portland, as well as areas around the country and abroad.


The Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO is the best engineering school in the state, and it rivals such school as Texas A&M and MIT in intelligence. It is also relatively cheap compared to some larger school for the valu of the degree you get.


Missour S&T is one of the highest ranked engineering colleges in the United States. Unlike some of my other options, it is ranked within the top 5 highest ranked engineering colleges in the nation. Due to its large engineering community, Missouri S&T is widely known for it St. Patricks day celebration. Since St. Patrick is the Patron saint of engineers, St. Patricks day is largely celebrated in this community. S&T is also know for it's on campus nuclear reactor and experimental mine.


At Rolla, some classes give you the opportunity to skip the final by having good grades throughout the semester, unlike most schools. The only bad unique thing about the school is the low girl to guy ratio, but that's just like at most technological schools.


All of its unique traditions such as st pats and graduations. it focus on each student and how much everyone loves to learn.


Most of the buildings on campus are built for engineering.


The most unique thing about our school is the overall level of familiarity if not expertise in a majority of fields. Even though the programs are focused on Engineering, students continually surprise with their mastery of English, History or Psychology.


Small campus with alot of focus on students. small town.


MST is nice and small...lot's of personal interaction with profs and students.


The town itself has five different colleges located in it, along with several trade schools. Unlike the media stereotyped college town, Rolla tends to stay clean, safe and well maintained for such a large population of the younger generations.


The diversity of technical degrees offered and the setting of the school.


The uniqueness of Missouri S and T is they don't require you to be religious. I think it should be your own choice.


The school's size and focus on mainly engineering allows it to aquire all the best tools to teach the future engineers their trade. Also, since the school is so small, it was easy for them to have a unique freshman orientation that allowed me to get used to living in college, and meet many new people all at once.


It is a majorly engineering campus. St. Patricks day is a highly celebrated holiday.


This school sets a higher standard for research and break throughs in technology, which allows the student body to participate in break throughs that might not be witnessed otherwise. The amount of research the school stresses makes it capable for the student design and research teams to function and compete on a national level agianst other college schools and win upper tier podium finishes. The lessons learned from the design and research of the projects for the teams helps the members further into their lives as they look to comapnies for employment.


This isn't a school. It's a publicity and money machine. If you can't teach yourself, you'll be completely miserable here. For ever 1 teacher that cares about you and is easy to learn from there are 20 that couldn't care less about you and are near impossible to understand. If you can understand multiple extremely thick foreign accents then you might do well. The school and faculty are incredibly unorganized, unsympathetic, and plain uncaring. A student is nothing but a dollar sign at this school.


i only came here for the education and the respect that the school demands. now that the name has changed, we shall see if that changes. it has really not been an enjoyable place to be and is more of a means to get a good job and not to enjoy college.


MS&T is a great school to go to if you are looking for an Engineering school. not for Petroleum engineering, the department is very low staffed and has lack of helping students. If you are going to MS&T for an Engineering school go for it.. but you have to bust ass for 5 years and then enjoy real life!


If you are considering coming to MS&T, you must really weigh how important academics are compared to everything else. Academics are close to top notch, but that is the only good thing about this school. I thought academics would outweigh everything for me, but I have learned after three years here that is not the case. This town will try to crush your spirit. I have not been beaten by the academics, I have a 4.0 GPA doing a double major of tough coursework who will graduate after two more semesters. The lack of a decent social experience, the crushing oppression of local business, and general ignorance and stupidity of the townsfolk have made this experience unbearable. Think hard before coming here!


I said it already


If you want to go to a party school, don't come here. You have to make your own fun. It's the best bang for the buck for a good ole fashion engineering degree though. You get your money's worth in education and job opportunies.


It is a great school for academics. I am really glad I graduated from the school. I do feel like I missed out on some social aspects because I transferred. If I had to do it over again, knowing that I would have been an engineer, I would have applied to other schools. Then I might have had a better social life. The reason other engineering schools fare better socially is because they have other majors (business, arts and sciences, etc.) to help offset the "nerdiness" of the school. Keep that in mind when visiting schools.


DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF NORMAL! I let the place suck my soul out for two years before I decided to switch majors and transfer to MIZZOU. Also it's not as great of engineering school as they say. Sure it's the best in the region but they aren't even in the top 75 polls for most of their departments. If you want to be an engineer you will make plenty of money. Spend some extra for college and don't regret being there everyday


Did I mention the campus is nice and everything is in walking dance. Everybody knows what a great school it is when you say you go to Rolla (even with a name change). Overall, people go to Rolla to get educated and get a job, not to have exercise in a Taj Mahal and stare at hot blondes.


i don't regret going to this school, but i know people who do. my best friend came with me freshman year and she transferred because she couldn't take the pressure. classes are hard, but it is worth it in the end. if you have a degree from this school there is nothing to stop you from doing whatever you want with your life. you are guarenteed a good job with good pay.


-most girls have ok to decent bodies and ugly ass faces -alot of students are fuckin weird -alot of the buildings need to be remodeled/updated/tore down -def need a Jack in the Box and White Castle


Fuck the way the school treats athletes. they treat them like shit


My school has been so much more to me than just a textbook/classroom education. It's expanded my knowledge of relationships (friends and romantic) and just been my most amazing life experience thus far.


Nope! : )


There are many on-campus jobs available for students. Most student hire jobs are flexible and understanding about classes and tests. This is very helpful for full time students still trying to make some extra money.